Soon Check Possible Hernia in Infants

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When was bathing the little one, suddenly you see a bulge around the navel or genitals. It could be a hernia bulge. A hernia is a condition when the body's organs are outside of the proper position. That's because the muscles have abnormalities that would not hold these organs.

Anyone can be affected by a hernia, including your baby. Type of hernia in infants generally are umbilicus and inguinal hernia hernia. Both are harmless, but if not addressed could be bad. So how do I detect this condition?

Keep track of umbilical hernia in Infants
How to detect early infant umbilical hernia you have is to look at the navel area. The characteristics of infants who have this type of hernia is a bulge there is software on the navel or look swell, especially when the little one crying , coughing, or straining during bowel movements.

This condition is generally more common in premature babies or have a low weight at birth. Umbilical hernia can attack the baby girls and baby boys. However, this type of hernia is more common in female infants.

Umbilical hernia is basically painless and harmless. This bulge could disappear by itself without medical treatment. This bulge usually disappears before the baby is 1 year old. But there is also still have until the age of 5 years. Umbilical hernia occurs due to the abdominal muscles which failed to unite so as to leave blemish to internal organs to protrude.

Inguinal Hernia Detection in Infants
An inguinal hernia is caused by a partial bowel protruding from the lower abdominal cavity and sticking to the area around the genitals. This condition can affect boys and girls. But the case of inguinal hernias are more common in male infants, especially those born prematurely.

To find out whether your baby boy has an inguinal hernia is the area noticed his genitals. Let's see if there are lumps of thumb in the groin or scrotum bag baby, especially when he was crying or active. If so, then your baby has an inguinal hernia. While the baby girl will look rectangular shaped lump in the groin or labia. Little risk of developing this condition if you ever have a history of inguinal hernia in the past.

Handling Hernia in Infants
When you feel the characteristics of hernias look at your baby, you can instantly bring the little one to the hospital. The doctor will check if the bulge is a hernia or not.

If your baby has a umbilical hernia, you do not need to worry because this type is not harmful and may disappear by itself. However, if the bulge is not lost until the little one was 5 years old, then it is likely the operation should be selected.

The road should also be considered if it hurt your baby bulge or protrusion on your baby's umbilical cord was accompanied by severe swelling or texture turned hard.

In contrast, if your baby has an inguinal hernia. This type can not be lost without the help of surgery. Operations carried out in order to avoid a bulge grew, textured hard, and blackened. If left unchecked, it can damage the tissues in the body permanently.

Unlike adults, your baby can not tell if any part of the body that are not normal. Therefore, you should pay attention to the condition of the patient Small , one of which is to detect a hernia in infants. Keep track of your baby's development of the body, if you feel something strange, immediately consult a doctor.

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