Tourette Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, and Types

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Tourette's syndrome is a problem with the nervous system that causes people to make a motion or voice suddenly called Tiks, and it can not be controlled. For example, a person with Tourette syndrome may be blinking or clearing his throat again and again. Some people might spout the words but they do not intend to say. Proper treatment can control Tiks but some people do not have symptoms unless they are really bothering them.
Tourette's Syndrome
Approximately 100,000 Americans have Tourette syndrome, but more people have mild Tourette's syndrome. This syndrome often begins in childhood, and boys more often than girls. Symptoms often improve with the growth of children. For some patients, the syndrome can be lost in total.

Tourette's syndrome has been associated with various parts of the brain, including an area called the basal ganglia, which helps mengontrolgerakan body. No differences can affect nerve cells and chemicals that carry messages between them. Researchers think the problem in the brain tissue may play a role in Tourette.

Doctors do not know exactly what caused this problem in the brain, but the genes may play a role. The possibility that there is more than one cause.

People who have family members with Tourette syndrome are more likely to get it. But the people in the same family may have different symptoms.

The main symptom is Tiks. Some very light tks not even seen. Other symptoms are more common and obvious. Stress, excitement, or pain or fatigue can make the symptoms worse. More severe symptoms can be embarrassing and can affect your social life or work.

There are two types of Tiks:

Tiks motor that involve movement, such as:
  • arm or head jerking
  • blink
  • changing faces
  • mouth twitches
  • shrug
Tiks vocals include:
  • barking or yapping
  • cleared
  • cough
  • snoring
  • repeating what others have said
  • shout
  • sniffed
  • traduce
Tiks can be simple or complex. Simple Tiks may affect one or only a few parts of the body, such as eye blinking or making faces. Tiks complex involving many parts of the body or involve the pronunciation of words, such as shouting.

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