12 Signs Growth in Baby Teeth

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Following the baby's development is very happy for his mother. Because it will feel how precious your baby to see them grow up. From the time she began issuing the first word, teething, and also crawl. By following the progress of a mother surely must know the common signs that your baby experienced. One thing that is very much signals the baby's growth is if their teeth start to grow.
Baby Teeth
Before your baby to experience and you are confused with the sign, of course, you have to see and know what are the signs. Because sometimes unclear fussy baby and make you confused. Who knows course it is caused by your baby teeth that want to grow.

As a good mother and that does not make you panic then it helps you to know the sign - a sign of teething baby you. Here are 12 signs of teething in infants.

1 Expenditure saliva
Saliva in infants might are common. However, if you see an increase in saliva production infants at the age of 10 weeks up to 3 or 4 months, then it could be an early sign that your baby teeth will soon grow. Therefore you must be prepared to give a lot of intake is good for your children to be good teeth growth.

2 rash on the chin or face
Babies who are experiencing teething it will give effect on dry skin rash that usually appears around the mouth area, as well as the chin. Sometimes rashes and even then appear in your baby's neck area. This occurs due to direct contact with saliva. If you wipe the baby's saliva with a handkerchief or the like can help reduce the likelihood of onset of the rash. Using skin creams specifically for babies can also be done.

3 Cough
Because saliva stimulation of the growth of your child's teeth will allow choked and produces coughing. So you do not need to worry if your child cough.

4 Infants often biting
Infants who experienced a period of growth in the teeth basically will be stimulated to always bite. It is caused by the baby would feel uncomfortable. So that all types of goods that they encounter will surely be bitten by your child.

5 Pain
When the child's teeth grow, there will be an inflammation of the soft tissue of the gums. Inflammation can cause extreme pain in infants. However, not all infants experienced anything like it. So that it could have happened to you and your baby can not. The first teeth grow will encourage the gums and would be in pain but gradually it will feel comfortable as well.

6 Fussy
If your baby's gums hurt it will impact your baby is fussy. If the baby's mouth and gum pain then he would often cry. You should be familiar with your child's fussiness even days to weeks.

7 Refused to eat
If you give food to your baby, and he refuses then it could have been caused because your child still feels pain in his gums. If indeed he is still refusing to eat try to provide good nutritional food alternatives though only eaten in small amounts.

8 Diarrhea
Some of the experiences of people who have experienced a period of dentition in children said that their child had diarrhea, although it is not clear why, but you can consider it as a sign of growth daru on your baby's teeth.

9 low fever
One sign in the growth of your child's teeth is a low fever. But you also have to consider if your child's fever is caused due to low immunity.

10 Weak
At night sometimes children will feel uneasy because growth continues horny teeth. You must always be patient to silence your child because if she continued to feel uneasy he will be weak and listless.

11 Hematoma gums
Dentition also may cause bleeding under the gums which appears as a reddish blob. This condition need not be feared because it can be cured quickly with the help of a cold compress.

12 Pull ear rubbing cheeks
Babies who are teething can be annoyed pull their ears or cheeks or chin them. Gums, ears and cheeks also share the same network, therefore, pain in the gums may spread to other areas. If this is the case, you should consult a pediatrician if you feel that your baby is disturbed not only because of the growth of teeth through.

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