3 Natural Ways to Eliminate Bacteria In The Mouth

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Keeping the appearance of not only lies in the facial appearance alone. All aspects of your body should be considered. Many things make people then are not confident as if the unpleasant odor and also various other things.

One that makes people uncomfortable is a problem mouth. And the most worrying again if we are attacked mouth bad breath. We should quickly handle but must also be aware of the exact cause.
Most of the problems arise because of the bad breath bacteria interfere. Therefore if you want to overcome bad breath then you must overcome the bacteria first. Here is a practical and natural way to overcome your bad breath, Here's 3 Ways to overcome the potent bacteria in the mouth.

1 Salt
Salt serves very well to cope with bleeding gums, gingivitis and gum festering, salt is one of the excellent food ingredients to neutralize the acidity in your mouth and can be very powerful to kill the bacteria in your mouth. You can mix ½ teaspoon salt and ½ teaspoon baking soda in half a cup of water and then stir well and use to gargle.

2 betel leaves
This one herbal remedy that has been since the days of our ancestors believed benefits. Betel leaf is believed to excellent oral health so that it can also be used to kill bacteria. Enough wringing betel leaves and boiled and is also used as a mouthwash such as salt earlier.

3 Lime
Freshness of breath can be returned through lime. Orange juice contains limonoids oils that are aromatic and can scent and freshen the mouth. Squeeze lime juice, mix with a little honey. Drink this solution 1-2 times a day.

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