Eating Food For The Moderate Balanced Diet

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The food you eat today for one day can say the food is balanced if it contains nutrients for your needs. Both the number and types of nutrients. A balanced diet is also a mandatory food you should eat to make sure the body of your body to function normally.

Balanced meals should also be chosen for these foods provide enough energy. A food can be said to be balanced if the foods are insufficient, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and fats at its optimum. Besides fiber content also must meet your daily needs.

Well, so did the diet for a woman. Usually women who are on a diet do not pay attention to his diet. Most women assume not eat can lose weight. Though true assumption is wrong total, considering it is not eating at all, but the levels were slightly reduced menu, For example like this, every day you eat rice with a weight of 1000 calories, the diet when you do not reduce all the calories you need, just in part. If every day requires 1000, then by the time your diet simply reduce by half to 500, for example.
However, the nutritional needs still required. Do not let your diet, you become a human being malnourished. Consequently, if the reduced nutritional needs would be bad for your body.

You become lazy activity, productivity also be decreasing your brain, your lack of passion, and many other effects that can affect your body if you are malnourished. Additionally avoid chemical drugs that can damage your body.

Maybe you need to look at the following tips on how to make a slim body without consuming a diet drug that actually is not necessarily safe for your body.

Recognize the importance of the body's own
The body that you have do not ever compare to the bodies of others. Due to the performance level of a person's body is different. You should be aware and to know your own body, because that is where you will be easier to know the needs of your daily diet. And do not ever follow other people's diet.

Eating should be adapted to the menu and the portions were quite
As mentioned above, do not eat at all just because you want to lose weight. But follow the following adage: "Eat before hungry and stop before satiety". Do not follow the passions that make you more uncontrolled.

Consumption of fruit and vegetables
Fibrous foods create channels in your stomach becomes very smoothly. Not accumulate dirt in the body, so you did not accumulate fat.

Do not forget to consume water
Inadequate water needs by consuming 2 liters of water per day. White water is believed to prevent various diseases. Which can exit through the urinary tract.

Keep your feelings
Your typical person who is easily stressed by throwing the stress you are on the food. It is a habit that is not very good, when we overeat when squeezed and in a bad state or condition of being excited, control your emotions. And remember you're in a state of diet.

Do not forget to exercise
Exercise can burn various kinds of fat in your body. If you want to trim, then take frequent exercise. If you do not like sports activities, make that activity activity that is fun for you. Remove all the bad thoughts about the sport.

As it turned out, trim it fun. In addition to the body beautiful to the eye. You will be more confident when walking alone with your partner. Having a slim body also makes your breath be easily organized, because it has been said. Excess fat can also suppress the respiratory tract.

Therefore that's why obese people are extremely difficult to breathe long. In addition, having a slim body makes you free to choose the clothes you want to buy. Exciting is not having a slim body? So, dietlah with a balanced diet.

Benefits of Balanced Food in Pregnancy
Optimal nutrition of food balanced and proportionate an essential factor for the optimization of fetal development in the womb. In other words, balanced nutrition into a condition that "must" have on a pregnant woman. Why?

Lack of nutrition during pregnancy can lead to birth weight below normal. Such conditions are particularly at risk for the development of the child in later life. Besides the threat of death, malnutrition can inhibit physical and mental development of infants.

According to health experts, malnutrition prolonged, will cause the number of cells in the brain decreases and occurred immaturity and imperfection in the brain biochemistry organization. This situation will further affect the development of children's intelligence.

Supposing, that the fetus is "parasitic plants" that hung on the tree where she needs a ride. He can survive by taking food from the mother in total.

Nutritional ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, present in the mother's body part will be moved into the body of the fetus through the placenta intercession. That is why, a pregnant woman should really pay attention to his food intake.

Especially if you look at their "minimum standard" that within nine months of pregnancy, a mother should "produce" a baby with a minimum weight of 2500 grams. That is, the mother's weight gain should be between 10-12 kg of normal weight.

So that this condition can be achieved, the mother consumed food intake should be varied, balanced and proportionate. Pregnant women are encouraged to multiply eat green vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, broccoli, and fresh fruits, as well as eating some animal organs, such as liver.

In the food ingredients is contained folic acid (folic acid) which belonged to the B vitamin folic acid plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells, or erythrocytes, and for the development of the nervous system. At the time of pregnancy, folic acid needs increase rapidly, from 800 micrograms to 1 milligram per day.

Folic acid deficiency cause megaloblastic anemia. The same symptoms as anemia in general, are lethargic, fatigue, anemia, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, headache, drowsiness, and other symptoms. In general, consumption of foods pregnant women should represent three classes of major nutrients, is as follows.

1. Protein (some 10-15 percent)

Proteins function as substance builder and maintainer of body cells, as well as make the uterus as an ideal place for the optimization of fetal development. Protein can be obtained from milk, meat, fish, liver, tofu, tempeh, green beans, nuts, and more.

2. Fat (some 20-25 percent)

Body fat will function as a reserve and a source of great energy; solvent vitamins; Protective body's vital organs, and forming a network. In pregnant women, the fulfillment of fat has another added benefit, the body can process them as energy reserves to undergo childbirth and postpartum recovery, as well as assist in the formation of breast milk. Fat we can get from olive oil, soybean oil, meat, eggs, butter, cheese, bananas, and others.

3. Carbohydrates (some 50-60 percent)

Carb (carbohydrate) is as a source of energy that allows the body to perform various activities. The main sources of carbohydrates are rice, bread, macaroni, potato, rice flour, wheat, oats, corn, potatoes, and more.

In addition to the three classes of the primary nutrients, pregnant women need additional nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals. Both serve as the source regulator, which regulates the use of nutrients in the body so that the process can proceed optimally pregnancy.

The main source of vitamins and minerals are vegetables, a kind of spinach, kale, squash, beans, carrots, squash, and others; as well as fruit, a sort of papaya, guava, jerus, avokat, bananas, melons, apples, and so forth.

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