How Good Diet: Healthy Solutions and Confidence

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A healthy body and beautiful is everyone's dream. Neither men nor women want definitely have the ideal body. To get the ideal body, there is no way a good diet and safe. Almost everyone agreed that the appearance is one of the important factors that support our performance at work and daily activity.

Often to get a healthy body and the ideal, one focuses only on the final result and did not pay much attention to the process. The body is overweight or obese, of course, does not happen in an instant.

To lose excess weight must pass through some period of time, ie in a few months or a few years so when we want to restore it to its original ideal conditions or conditions, of course, required a certain amount of time anyway.
The process of the instant diet is usually taken in a manner which is not a good diet, and too risky to our health in the short term and long term. In addition, the often forgotten by us are on a diet can not be done partially. How good diet is a healthy lifestyle series consisting of diet, regular exercise, and regular health check.

Therefore, for the sake of our health and the achievement of getting into shape, beautiful, as well as the avoidance of spend in huge costs, here are some ways a good diet.

1. Eat Less Rice
One of the toughest challenges in the diet in Indonesia is how we can reduce eating rice. Many people do not realize that they are on a diet, but their bodies remain obese. This is due to the composition of the rice is still dominant in their daily menu.

In order to form a healthy body by doing this type of diet, must be complex carbs, such as brown rice or brown rice. In addition to rice, complex carbohydrates can be found in grains, wheat, beans, and vegetables.

Start your breakfast by eating complex carbohydrates such as brown rice. Complex carbohydrates are stored in the hull sections tend to be longer so that makes us powered all day, your blood sugar more stable, and we are not easily limp.

In connection with the intake of carbohydrates, the one thing we need to consider is to adjust your carbohydrate needs with our activities.

We need carbohydrates in many conditions move and strenuous activities, but if we are sedentary and rarely moving, it is good we replaced carbohydrates with foods that contain protein.

2. Eating Fruits and Vegetables
Running how proper diet can not be separated from the need to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. There is a habit that one of the people of Indonesia, namely fruit eaten after eating the main menu.

The right thing is the fruit should be eaten before we take the main menu. By eating the fruit before eating will make the stomach to be filled in half. In addition, fruit accelerate metabolism function of the body, rich in fiber so that it has the ability to block fat.

In addition to fruit, you also have to consider the composition of vegetables in your daily menu. Always there are vegetables in each of your main meals.

Consuming fruits and vegetables is a must especially for people who are aged over 20 years. Getting older, your metabolism slows down so that more fruits and vegetables is absolutely required by the body.

3. Set the Intensity Spot
Many people mistook the diet and tend to torture themselves. Diet is considered only eat once a day and do not eat anything other than the daily menu, and so avoid snacks.

In fact, the essence is to eat a regular diet with the appropriate portion and still enjoy a snack. The principle is to eat little but often. It also reduces carbohydrates and fats, and enjoy healthy snacks, such as fruits.

Changing the intensity of eating drastically, in addition prone to feelings of anxiety and stress, it is also harmful to the body. Dine in some people, in addition to the need also provide psychological gratification or bring a feeling of calm and comfortable.

The body is suddenly not getting the intake as usual, at the time-the next time it will ask for additional intake as compensation.

Adjusting the intensity of a regular meal is not a meal with the changes that must be done drastically, but the habit is formed gradually over time. This habit can be initiated and formed by scheduling daily menu.

4. Regular Exercise One Hour a Day
How to correct diet always include a recommendation to exercise regularly. Logically, the food we eat is the fuel that needs to be burned into energy. If not burned, the excess energy will be stored as fat in the body.

Sport is often a bugbear for many people, especially for those who have high activity. Most reasoned do not have the time. Indeed it can be tricked, because of course there is a holiday that can be used for the exercise.

In addition, there will never be a time when we do not make time. One hour a day of 24 hours, of course it is very possible for us to schedule exercise into our daily agenda.

The next major issue is that often people are reluctant or lazy to exercise because it confused with the type of exercise that is suitable for them.

For those who like exercising alone or need a coach who can motivate, the current fitness and aerobics with low cost scattered everywhere.

For those of you who like to do sports activities in groups, cycling community can be an option. You can also easily sport most festive, such as walking or jogging around the residence.

You can also start with an easy thing, for example, prefer to go up and down stairs than the elevator, choose to walk for a short distance, and others.

The intensity of exercise is also important to note. Sports that do less than one hour less beneficial for weight reduction, because in the first 20 minutes, your body will process food stored in the hull as energy.

Only after that, the body will draw energy from the stored fat reserves in some parts of our body. Therefore, we should work out on an empty stomach.

The best time to exercise is in the morning. Key importance of exercising is that you have to please these activities and do not feel compelled to do so. Select the appropriate sport with pleasure and the ability of your body.

5. Strive Not Eat After Hours 6 PM
Humans can not change habits overnight, but nothing is impossible in this world if we want to try. Running diet right one requires us to no longer eat after 6 pm.

In fact many Indonesian people accustomed to dinner over at 6 pm. Yet according to the biological sciences, the stomach takes 3-5 hours to digest the food.

Imagine if we eat over at 6 pm, and after a rest or inactivity. Then the food we eat automatically stored in the fatty tissues of our body. That is, it takes extra hard exercise to burn the fat.

For those of you who have a habit of staying up, then it must be reduced. People who have a habit of staying up, tend to eat at night or midnight.

The logic is simple, to maintain ideal body weight, the amount of food intake must equal the amount of energy that comes out. If lack of intake, the body will lack the nutrients. Meanwhile, if the excess, the body will be obese or overweight.

If you care more correct way to diet that has been discussed, then the point is how do we change behavior and diet so that we can get a healthy body ideal.

Such measures do not require a lot of costs, but provide great benefits to our body and can last much longer so we will not be exposed to 'yo-yo syndrome'.

Yoyo syndrome is a situation where people who diet do not execute it with discipline so that the weight up and down with ease. Often getting up, instead of getting down.

The primary key is the right way to diet determination, motivation constantly, and discipline. This strong determination instilled in by pasting pictures of us as ideal stature and proportionate in the room.

Then, the motivation is continuous with the support of family, significant others, and giving gifts and sanctions on yourself for every 1 kg of body weight lost.

One important thing to remember, the main purpose of a good diet is a healthy body. While obtaining a proportionate body and confident in appearance is a bonus.

So, do a good diet and correct so that you will feel the captivating view. You would be more healthy and confident.

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