Understanding Malaria

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Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite. Malaria is spread by mosquitoes that have been infected by the parasite. Malaria can even be fatal if not treated properly.

Malaria infection can occur simply by a mosquito bite. Malaria is rarely transmitted directly from one person to another. Examples of transmission of this disease is a condition in contact with the patient's blood or infected fetus can be infected because of the mother's blood.

Patients with Malaria in Indonesia
In Indonesia, there were about 400,000 cases of positive malaria each year. Of all cases, 4,000 cases had complications or even lead to death. Approximately 1 out of 4 cases of malaria occur in children.
Most cases of malaria occur in Indonesia Timur.Terutama on Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and Papua.
Symptoms Appear Due to Malaria

Malaria symptoms will usually appear between one to two weeks after the body is infected. In some rare cases, the symptoms appeared a year after the mosquito bite occurs. The symptoms of malaria that usually happens is the appearance of fever , sweating, shivering or chills, vomiting, headache , diarrhea , and muscle pain.

If you are already experiencing symptoms of malaria, see a doctor to be able to do the diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. The diagnosis of malaria can dilakukan easily through a simple blood test.

Parasites that cause malaria
Plasmodium is a type of parasite that becomes the cause of malaria . There are many types of Plasmodium parasite, but only five types that cause malaria in humans. Parasite Plasmodium only spread by the female anopheles mosquito. Two types of parasites are common in Indonesia is Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax. Malaria mosquito bites often occur at night. After the bite, the parasite will enter into the bloodstream.

The spread of malaria can also occur through blood transfusions. In addition, if the user turns the needles can also transmit malaria. Although it rarely happens, you still have to be careful.

In the treatment of Malaria
Recovery is perfectly doable if malaria were treated and cared for properly. Type of antimalarial drugs used to prevent and treat malaria.

Medicines are given depends on several things. The severity of symptoms can be one of the considerations. Additionally, it will be checked on the type of parasite that causes malaria. Specifically on patients who are pregnant, malaria treatment will be distinguished by patients who are not pregnant.

Complications That Can Happen Due to Malaria
Malaria will have a worse impact if affects pregnant women, infants, young children, and the elderly. Malaria is a potentially making body resistance decreased drastically in a short time. Therefore, treatment needs to be done quickly. Dehydration , severe anemia and organ failure are some of the complications of malaria that could occur if malaria is not addressed from the outset.

To Not Infected Malaria Prevention
Malaria can generally be avoided. In areas where there is endemic malaria in rural areas such as Papua and Nusa Tenggara, the government has been carrying out mass blood tests and provide antimalarial drugs for free.

Avoid being bitten by mosquitoes is a way of preventing the most important to avoid contracting malaria. You can use netting to cover the bed, get rid of stagnant water, wear insect repellent and wear clothing or blanket that covers the skin of the body.

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