Advantages and Disadvantages of Eating Wine

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Alcoholic beverages, including wine, not the general public consumption in Indonesia. But for those who want to get the benefits of wine, it is important to know the proper dose of consumption in order to avoid the bad effects.
As the double-edged sword, wine consumption in the fitting portion can improve the health condition of the body or even detrimental to health if taken in excess.

Appropriate amount
Appropriate level of wine consumption is actually different for each person. It depends on the age, sex, weight, and height, and genetic. In addition there are other factors, such as food consumed along with wine or drugs consumed by each individual.

In general, the consumption of wine is considered to be moderate for men is two glasses of wine, each containing approximately 150 ml per day. As with the women who are advised to only drink one glass per day.

Positive Benefits of Wine
Apart from its inherent risks, the wine has some beneficial effects for the body, among others:

Increasing bone density
The study concluded that moderate consumption of alcohol can increase bone mineral density.

Relieves the infection in the digestive system
Positively, alcohol can be a natural antibacterial that can relieve irritation. In addition, the antibacterial alcohol can also reduce the risk of infection caused by Helicobacter pylori bacterium.

Lowers the risk of progression and death from heart disease
Consuming alcohol in a healthy dose proved beneficial for heart health.

Increase the level of good cholesterol
Alcohol affects the increase of good cholesterol or HDL by up to 20 percent if consumed in moderation. Makina high levels of HDL, the lower the risk of heart disease. It's just that these benefits can only be obtained if it is accompanied by a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

Brought Risk alert
Although useful, if consumed in excessive amounts, can damage the health of wine. It is basically due to the content of alcohol in wine.

Increase the risk of heart disease
When the substances consumed alcohol in excess, can lead to several conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the muscles weaken jantung. study also concluded that the risk of excessive alcohol consumption causes an increased risk of heart disease and heart rhythm disorders.

Disrupt the process of the formation of bone tissue
If alcohol is drunk exceed a reasonable portion, the effects can interfere with the process of the formation of bone tissue. If it is done in the long term, can increase the risk of fractures.

Increase the risk of certain cancers
Of alcohol can increase the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, liver, and intestines. For women, excessive consumption of wine can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Disorders of the brain
In the long term, excessive alcohol consumption can interfere with the development of new brain cells, while increasing the risk of depression. Meanwhile, due to the short term that is often encountered as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol can be a change in behavior and memory disorders.

Triggering dehydration
Alcoholic beverages can trigger a lack of fluid in a person's body. Not infrequently, this is followed by a headache.

The risk of addiction
Consuming alcoholic beverages, including wine, allowing a person to become addicted. When that happens, it is difficult to control the intake of alcohol on the body.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages, such as wine, should be responsible for health problems caused higher than the positive benefits that can be given. Consult your doctor about dose according to the condition of your body. If you can not control alcohol intake to keep it in a healthy dose not excessive, you should not consume alcohol at all.

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