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Stress feel if a face covered by cystic acne. Large size, reddish and filled with pus surely disturb our appearance. a Not to mention the effect that might cause pain and itching in the area covered with acne.  But you need not worry because there are ways to get rid of this from your face.

Acne can arise when your facial pores clogged with dead skin cells. Sometimes the bacteria involved infiltrate into it and make the area becomes red and swollen. While cystic acne occurs when the infection has entered deep into your skin. Not only on the face, acne can also appear on the stone chest, shoulders, back, or upper arm.

Actually, no definite cause why you have cystic acne, but androgens be appointed as a trigger. Increased androgen hormones can cause changes in the skin that can lead to clogged pores and acne. Among which typically have higher androgen hormones are teenagers.

But that does not mean adolescents who can suffer from cystic acne. Children aged 8 years old or middle-aged people can have it. These conditions also include given to your parents. If one of them had suffered from severe cystic acne, then chances are you can also have it.

Acne treatment Stone
If you have cystic acne, then you should get help from experts, namely a dermatologist or dermatological experts. Cystic acne can not be cured completely only by using acne medications that are sold freely on the market. Here is a medicine that can get rid of cystic acne from your face:
  • Antibiotics. In addition to helping to control bacteria, antibiotics also can relieve inflammation in your cystic acne. But sometimes, there are pimples that are resistant to antibiotics.
  • Isotretinoin. Most people got rid of cystic acne on their skin permanently and completely. These drugs suppress the production of functional oil glands in the skin and reduce inflammation. If the acne reappeared, repeat this treatment or for more details, consult your doctor.
  • Spironolactone. This drug works by inhibiting the production of hormones that cause acne on your body.
  • Topical medication containing retinoids. The doctor will give you medicine cream, gel, or ointment containing retinoids (vitamin A). These topical medications can overcome clogged pores while supporting antibiotics to be able to work optimally.
Taking drugs alone is not enough to get rid of cystic acne on your face. These drugs should also be supported by a healthy lifestyle and hygiene, for example:
  • Stress can trigger the production of hormones, which it could aggravate cystic acne. So take time to relax and calm the mind.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Exercising can also accelerate healing.
  • Keep hands because these body parts are often touching your face. Dirty hands full of germs can aggravate cystic acne.
  • Wash your face twice a day. Wipe your face with a gentle soap, then rinse with warm water.
  • Avoid applying face with facial scrubs, masks, astringent, or products containing oil. These products can aggravate your acne.
  • When have acne, you'll want to touch or squeeze. But the habit change due to touch or squeeze pimples can make an infected or injured, especially if your hands dirty conditions.
  • Pay attention to what is often in contact with your face, such as hair, mobile phones, hoods, helmets, hats, or towels. Ensure cleanliness of objects attached to your face.
If you have cystic acne, do not be silenced just like that. Consult your doctor immediately in order to get proper medical treatment. Avoid handle it themselves at home.

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