Understanding Epilepsy

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Epilepsy may not be foreign to our ears. The word "epilepsy" itself is actually a general term that means "a tendency to seizures ". In our brain are neurons or nerve cells. Nerve cells are part of the nervous system that functions as a regulator of awareness, the ability to think, gestures, and a system of our senses. Each nerve cells communicate with each other using electrical impulses. Seizures occur when the electrical impulses that cause behavioral disorders or uncontrolled body movements.
Seizures indeed be a symptom of epilepsy primary, but not necessarily people who have seizures develop this condition. In the medical world, someone is diagnosed with epilepsy after having a seizure as much several times. The severity of seizures in patients with epilepsy each is different. There were only a few seconds and some are up to several minutes. There were only having a seizure on the part of his body and there is also experience seizures total and cause loss of consciousness.

According to WHO data, the estimated number of people with epilepsy in the world reached fifty million people. In Indonesia, it is estimated there are about 2 million people suffering from epilepsy. Actually, not alarming figure, but still lack treatment for people with epilepsy in Indonesia.Menurut WHO, approximately 80-90 percent of people with epilepsy in developing countries in general, have not received adequate treatment.

Causes of epilepsy
Epilepsy affects a person can start at any age, though generally this is the case since childhood. Based on the findings of the cause , epilepsy is divided into three, namely epilepsy symptomatic, cryptogenic, and idiopathic.

In the symptomatic epilepsy, seizures generally caused by a disturbance or damage to the brain. Contrary to symptomatic, cause seizures in idiopathic epilepsy did not found. Whereas in cryptogenic epilepsy, although no evidence of structural damage to the brain, but the learning disorder that affects indicate a malfunction.
Treatment and complications of epilepsy

Until now there has been no drug or method that can cure this condition in total. Even so, anti-epileptic drugs or OAE able to prevent the occurrence of seizures, so that patients can perform daily activities normally easily and safely. In addition to drugs , epilepsy treatment also needs to be supported by a healthy lifestyle, such as regular exercise, do not drink alcohol to excess, as well as eating foods that contain balanced nutrition.

The reason why seizures in people with epilepsy need to be dealt with appropriately is to avoid the occurrence of complications and situations that could endanger the lives of sufferers. Examples are falling, drowning, or have an accident while driving due to seizures.

In rare cases, epilepsy can lead to complications such as status epilepticus. Status epilepticus occurs when the patient has a seizure for more than five minutes or experiencing a series of short seizures without returning aware of the seizures. Status can cause permanent damage to the brain, and even death.

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