Various dive Benefits of Swimming

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To get the benefits of swimming, not dominated by any professional athlete or swimmer. Actually swim is one type sport to do all ages with a variety of benefits, especially if done on a regular basis. Swimming can build strength due to move in the water, one needs a more powerful force. More detailed, swimming as physical exercise will train all the major muscle groups, on the shoulders, back, hips, buttocks, legs up.
Increase Stamina
Some of the benefits that can be gained from sport swimming is done routinely, namely:

Increasing the resilience of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems
A study concluded, in the exercise done regularly for 12 weeks, oxygen consumption up to 10 percent of the participants were middle-aged men and women. In addition, the impact of an increase in the amount of blood pumped each time the heart beats reached 18 percent, which means an increase in strength.

Build muscle mass
Benefits swim can also be seen in the increase in the arm muscles (triceps) to nearly 25 percent in a group of men in a study. Results were obtained after a swim program for 8 weeks.

Burn calories
Approximately 500-650 calories to be burned during your swim for 1 hour, depending on how efficiently the activity performed.

Prevent various diseases
When done regularly, swimming can dispel type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Based on the study, swimming regularly can also increase life expectancy.

Keep your body relaxed
Swimming can be a means for the body in getting relaxation. Moreover, physical exercise is touted to be able to make one's feelings become calmer. As claimed in a study, swimming can clear the mind, encourages positive thinking and self-confidence.

Perform Gradual
For beginners, sport swimming should be done slowly. Early lesson that needs to be understood is the rhythm of movement and breathing. Recommended time for beginners is to do a swim session about 10 minutes. Then start extended workout time to 30 minutes. Perform routine as much as 3-5 times per week.

If there is not yet feel comfortable inserting face into the water, then as a beginner, you can first practice with the body soak up the neck or walking in a pool is more shallow depths. It is considered far better to strengthen stamina before actually swim, swim compared with improper technique. Who also have to keep in mind is to always start swim training session with warm up and end with a cool-down.

Sports All Ages
Do not be shy to start swimming lessons, regardless of your age. Swimming is a sport that is safe and effective for all ages. But if you have a specific health condition, consult your doctor first.

Most pools have a special class for beginners, assisted by specialized instructors. Learning can be done in general or specifically classified. Eg groups of children, there is also a special group of women, or the elderly, and others. In addition, swimming can also be activities to spend time with family fun. This kind of sport is also very good to get children active moving and prevent obesity.

To support your swim session, make sure the swimsuits are worn feels comfortable. If necessary, use goggles that can help you avoid the stinging of the eyes due to the chlorine that is commonly used in water in the pool.

The benefits of swimming would be felt if done regularly. Schedule specifically. You can also make the target as motivation or swim with friends. To get the maximum benefit, you also can join a swimming club.

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