3 Easy Ways to Prevent Disease appendicitis

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3 Easy Ways to Prevent Disease appendicitis ~ Who wants to be sick especially until the operation? You must also want to be always healthy and free from any disease, one that can be avoided from appendicitis. Imagine having an appendectomy alone would have made us afraid.

Disease symptoms of appendicitis
As reported by, appendicitis have some symptoms of dizziness, vomiting, loss of appetite, fever, diarrhea or constipation, swelling in the abdomen, can not pass gas or flatus, and pain urination

Symptoms experienced by each person can be different. In fact there are symptoms like heartburn taxable. A person usually has to undergo an appendectomy if already inflamed appendix, especially if it has been exposed to infection and have a risk of rupture.
If you have got appendicitis and required surgery, no need to fear. The surgery usually lasts approximately one hour. You will not feel pain during surgery due to be sedated. While the healing process can take as long as two weeks to stitch the wound scar is completely cured. In order to avoid appendicitis, there are three practical tips that you can follow. Prevent, certainly much better than cure, right?

1. Eat fibrous food
One of the reasons why a person is exposed appendicitis is due to blockage caused by stool that has accumulated. With fiber-rich foods, the digestive system going smoothly and feces would not be hard especially clog intestines. What foods are relatively rich in fiber? Some of them are whole grains, vegetables such as carrots, and fruits.

2. Do not Hold defecation
Regular bowel movements is a sign that your digestive system healthy. If you often hold a bowel movement, then the risk of clogging and buildup of stool in the appendix will be even greater. In addition, do not hold yourself to pass gas or flatus.

3. Drink Lots of Water
Drinking water is sufficient, for example, eight glasses a day can help you to prevent inflammation in the appendix. For those of you who often work at the computer for hours, always provide the white water near you.

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