This is the Health Benefits of Almonds for Your Body

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In addition to green beans, almonds are one kind of nuts are often consumed by almost everyone. Because in addition to having good taste, almonds also contain important vitamins and minerals that are good for the body and health.
Usually almonds also be harnessed and used as almond oil, almond flour, milk almonds and others. For those of you who really like nuts on this one there are some benefits that can be obtained for health. Curious is not it? Here are some health benefits of almonds for the body.

Overcoming vertigo
The first benefit is to overcome the vertigo. Vertigo is one of the most excruciating headache. Because when vertigo attack around the room was spinning. But do not worry, one way to treat vertigo naturally is to use almonds. The content of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids can help the body to cope with an attack of vertigo. The trick, almond powder Mix in milk and drink each morning.

Good for the heart
As we know the heart is one organ that serves to circulate blood throughout the body. Monounsaturated fat, potassium and protein in almonds is very good for heart health. In addition, vitamin E in almonds also acts as an antioxidant. As you know antioxidants are useful to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Prevent cancer
The next benefit of almonds is useful for preventing cancer. Eating almonds in one piece or made into milk are useful to increase the movement of food through the colon. So eat almonds regularly useful for preventing cancer, especially in parts of the intestine.

Lose weight
If you are doing a diet, do not forget to incorporate almonds into the drink menu list everyday. Because almonds are low in calories and rich in fiber which is good for weight loss. Even so, you also have to keep exercising in order to maximize results.

Prevents constipation
The next benefit is that it can be used to prevent constipation. Almonds are rich in fiber which can maintain digestive health. Make sure you drink enough water after eating almonds.

Controlling blood sugar levels
Did you know that one of the side effects of drugs to lower blood sugar levels Adarah was often hungry. So if not addressed diabetics like to break the rules of the diabetic diet. Therefore, it does not hurt to eat almonds. Almonds consumed can help diabetics feel full longer, so the sugar levels will be more stable and the use of drugs can be reduced.

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