7 Diet Tips Powerful and Secure

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1. Avoid Sugar Corn
According to the research, high fructose corn syrup can improve significantly more weight than sugary drinks, even though both have the same caloric content. The differences are triggered by differences in the way the body when processing both the sweetener.

Both are made of fructose and glucose. However, the sugar binding of the two components to each other so that it takes the extra step to metabolism. In high fructose corn syrup, glucose and fructose is absorbed by the body because both have been separated. No corn syrup in sodas. Corn syrup found in bread, cereal, canned fruit, juices.

2. Do Sweet Food Addiction
Sweet foods are always tempting, especially chocolate and donuts. However, a study conducted on rats found that the food type of junk food that has the same effect with the drug when it reaches the brain.

Good taste after consuming these foods only temporary so that a dopamine receptor sends signals to the brain to govern the body in order to increase the intake of carbohydrates.

3. Eat More Often
The fatal error that done dieters are holding hunger for too long. In fact, the stomach is left empty for long hours will make a person needs a high energy intake and carb. Because there is too hungry, dieters will eat anything regardless of health foods and portions.

A dietitian nutrition, Marissa Lippert, suggested that dieters set diet and snacking that the body used to the routine. Eat every 3-4 hours in small portions so that blood sugar and energy remained stable.

But do not get too far in snacking, check the content of the nutritional value of existing on snacks snacks. If calories and high sugar snacks should you drop the selection to another. For example pulses of high protein but most of the nuts are high in fat.

4. Note Menu Breakfast
breakfast even though you're busy. Choose a menu that has a high protein content at breakfast so that the stomach feel full longer. Thus, your appetite will decrease. Breakfast with meals full of nutrition, especially protein is essential for the energy needs during a person's working in the office or the field. Try to schedule your breakfast menu on a weekly basis, your attention to the breakfast menu has a great influence to the success of diet tips that you live.

5. Select Foods with Low Glycemic Index
The ability of foodstuffs to increase blood sugar levels is called the glycemic index. The faster rise in blood sugar levels, insulin levels in the body to become unstable. This is what will spur diabetes and obesity.

Sweet foods, processed foods, and carbohydrates, have a high glycemic index than fiber foods. Therefore, choose fiber foods for a lower glycemic index.

6. Change the Atmosphere
A research states that one of the most successful diet tips is to change the atmosphere or environment. For example, to hide the jar of snacks and replace with a smaller plate. A simple way is fairly powerful tool to help weight loss than someone who changed her diet.

If you are still living in the family home strived to inform parents about the diet program that you do today. It is intended that the home atmosphere can change by itself because the occupants know your efforts in calories away.

7. Enjoy your food
Surely you often hear that eating is done slowly. Therefore, avoid putting a television in the dining room or eat while phoning. This method aims to make you able to enjoy and appreciate the food that has been presented in front of you.

Consider the texture, flavor, color and freshness, the food being eaten. Thus, you will get tremendous satisfaction that more than fill the stomach. According to some studies indeed showed that someone chewing food longer will have little chance of developing obesity, compared with someone who is in a hurry to eat the food in front of him.
Diet With Fruits and Vegetables
Raw foods are safe for consumption while undergoing the diet are vegetables and fruit. Generally, vegetables and fruits have a low calorific value compared with bacon, eggs, bread and the like. Besides vegetables and fruits can make your life more healthy foods because 2 has various vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Strive to consume vegetables and fruits are still fresh, because if it is processed into the food menu is usually 2 of this foodstuff has been mixed with other high-calorie ingredients. For snacks when it can be replaced with fruit then it would be better for your diet.

Every now and then a week to go shopping vegetable market or supermarket on foot. In addition to healthy you will be more relaxed to drive around town to survey the sellers of fruits and vegetables are best. Note the salesman in the way it presents the products of vegetables, if neat and looked fresh. Do not hesitate to bargain and bring home vegetables and fruit sold it.

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