Diabetes Drugs Should Not Be Expensive, Use Shallots

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Diabetes increasingly rampant today. As if without viewing age both young and the elderly. Then you should be aware of the symptoms of the early signs of diabetes you. Initial symptoms usually characterized by decreased vision, weight loss, body tiredness, easy to feel thirst, and frequent urination in large quantities. If you feel you experience one of these symptoms should immediately see.
Causes of Diabetes
There are several things that a person be a major cause of diabetes. Among the alias excess weight because of obesity, advanced age, and genetic factors that meaning comes from the descendants of diabetes. There are two types of diabetes itself based pangkreas functions. The first that diabetics experience a disruption in the function of the pancreas, so that the pancreas is unable to produce insulin again. A second type of diabetes the pancreas is still functioning but the body's cells are not able to recognize them correctly. Both had an impact on glucose metabolism of the body to absorb and process them.

Prevention of Diabetes Early
  • Diabetes can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle course. Among them are:
  • Keeping the weight remains ideal (calculate your ideal weight with a BMI Dictionary Online)
  • Regular exercise can also prevent diabetes
  • Program a regular diet is the recommended for those who have excess weight to avoid diabetes
Treating Diabetes with Shallots
Probably most have heard that red onion useful in treating diabetes, but it may also be the first time heard. Poorer onion highly efficacious treatment of diabetes. The content of quercetin in onions very potent reduce blood sugar.

In addition, some substances in red onions beneficial strengthen thin capillaries. So the shallot capable of tackling Retinopathy which is usually the end-stage diabetes.

In addition to the content of the above onion also contain a substance called Glukonin. Glukonin has capabilities similar to insulin in addressing the sugar content in the blood.

Process can cook onion and mashed up like gel. Strain and mix with the water to be like soup. Drink the soup in the morning when the stomach is empty. In addition onions can also be made vegetables at meals. It could also mix the oil with the onion soup.

Treating Diabetes with Red Beans (Bean)
Besides onion that has efficacy in overcoming diabetes there's more other natural herbal remedies that red beans. Many research results show that red bean able to control blood sugar levels. Generally, an increase in blood sugar levels rise when a person finishes eating.

Not only that besides being able to derive, red beans also can keep blood sugar levels do not drop dramatically making the body so drop. The conclusion is to eat red beans it will be able to stabilize the blood sugar content so that it is in the normal range.

Menggolah red beans for the treatment of diabetes can be done by boiling together the onion, garlic, clove, and cinnamon adds a little. Consumption of red beans with the skin. Keep in mind, cloves and garlic is also beneficial for diabetics loh, we will discuss it in more detail at other times.

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