How to Treat Sore Throat Naturally

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Drug sore throat or sore throat can with natural ingredients such as salt water, honey and garlic. Before discussing further how to treat a sore throat, it is better to know in advance what it was strep throat. In the medical world or medicine sore throat is called pharyngitis. The causes can be various kinds, but the most throat is caused due to viral and bacterial infections.
How to Treat Sore Throat Naturally
Some viruses that cause strep throat, among others, the common cold, flu (influenza), crop virus, measles virus and measles virus also water. Strep throat is itself divided into two types, namely acute and chronic laryngitis. In addition to these diseases affect adults also often experienced by children, especially when they got the flu and cough.

How to Treat Sore Throat
How to treat a sore throat caused by bacteria should not be any, if it may cause a variety of health such as heart disease, arthritis, and other diseases. But until now the sore throat remedy experienced no side effects because it does not contain chemicals. If you are interested in trying to treat strep throat naturally, here are some how.

1. With Garlic
Compound allicin found in garlic can kill bacteria that cause sore throat. The trick to eating raw garlic regularly until the sore throat subsided.

2. Tea
Consuming tea every day can help cure your sore throat pain. Will be more effective when added to one teaspoon of pure honey.

3. Chicken soup
Sodium chicken broth containing the anti-inflammatory so it can accelerate the healing of sore throat. Chicken soup is also very suitable to be consumed when the throat ached softer than usual meals.

4. Consuming honey
Just like tea, honey also contains antioxidants that can accelerate a sore throat. Try to consume honey regularly so sore throat heal faster. But make sure the honey is pure honey is truly genuine, because many false honey supply.

5. Gargling salt water
Put one tablespoon of salt into a glass of warm water, mix well and use to rinse. Gargle for approximately one minute and apply this way 3-4 times a day.

If several ways to treat a sore throat above does not work immediately consult a doctor for more serious care, including administration of antibiotics. Similarly, health tips that I can give this time, may be beneficial.

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