Cough Causes Bleeding

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Cough is one of the diseases that commonly experienced by many people. Sometimes the cough is experienced will be accompanied by phlegm. Coughing itself is responsive symptoms of the body due to foreign objects that enter through the respiratory tract. However, unlike that which comes from the mouth when coughing is sputum, but the blood. Bloody cough is often characterized by prolonged cough.

Coughing up blood or in medical terms is often called Hemoptis is a condition that occurs in the lungs that require intensive treatment and serious. Coughing up blood requires strict monitoring because it can not be ascertained whether blood cough will continue or stop. Therefore Cough Dengue can not be left alone, because it involves other organs in the body such as the Heart and Lung.
Cough Causes Bleeding
Coughing up blood could also be a sign from diseased patients Tuberculosis or TB. Bloody cough itself can occur due to rupture of blood vessels. Therefore, heavy or light can be distinguished bloody cough that afflicts, depending large or small broken blood vessels. Coughing blood alone can rarely just stop, because people will continually brownish blood clot for days. Therefore, patients must be given special treatment. If not, it may harm patients because the continuous loss of blood. Actually, Cough Bloody itself is a sign or symptom of various diseases. Therefore, the cause must be found. The exact cause of cough Bloody itself is as follows.

Cough Causes Bleeding

Respiratory Infections
Respiratory tract that starts from the nose to the alveoli, or tiny tubes in the lungs, blood vessels have in each channel. If the blood vessel is torn or ruptured and bleeding, there will be a cough reflex which causes the blood out through the mouth. If the channel is torn not immediately above, there will be an infection that causes the bacteria, viruses or fungi.

cough Usual
Do not underestimate coughing attack continuously. Persistent cough experienced can cause tearing of the respiratory tract, to prevent bleeding.

There are some medications that can be the cause of Dengue Cough , including drugs containing anti-blood clotting. The drug can cause blood clotting process is inhibited, so Coughing Bleeding will occur.

Cough that occurs in bronchitis sufferers will usually bleed. The blood that comes out of the bronchi and trachea.

Bloody cough is usually a symptom of the disease tuberculosis. But not all of Bloody Cough can be caused by TB.

Heart disorders
Abnormalities that was meant Mitral Valve Stenosis. Mitral Valve Stenosis itself is damage to the heart valves, characterized by a narrowing of the mitral valve. Mitral valve consists of two petals located in the left atrium and the left ventricle. In this disorder, the mitral valve becomes stiff and can not open fully. This leads to reduced blood entering through the left ventricle. As a result, blood is pumped throughout the body will be reduced in volume. Symptoms of Mitral Valve Stenosis own one is coughing and shortness of breath. It can cause coughing Bloody if there is no serious treatment.

Cancer and Lung Tumor
Bloody cough can also be caused by cancer and lung tumors. Therefore, patients should secepatanya get serious help in order to avoid the worst.

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