How to Treat Swollen Gums Naturally

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Gingivitis or gum swelling can be treated naturally quickly using garlic and other natural materials. Usually accompanied with purulent swollen gums, bleeding, and toothache. You should know in advance that gumboil consists of three stages, starting from 1 resistant Gingivitis, Gingivitis phase 2 and phase 3. Each phase Gingivitis is a severity of swollen gums. Phase 1 is the start happening swollen gums, swollen gums phase 2 is the presence of reddish, while the third stage is the swollen gums that increasingly severe and blood flow began to slow.
How to Treat Swollen Gums Naturally
While the duration of swollen gums divided into four, namely gingivitis acute, subacute Gingivitis, Gingivitis recurrent and chronic gingivitis. Swollen gums or gingivitis can also be differentiated according to the location of its spreading. According to the deployment location, swollen gums can be divided into localist Gingivitis, Gingivitis general, marginal gingivitis, papillari Gingivitis, Gingivitis diffuse.

 How to Treat Swollen Gums
In most swollen gums can be characterized by bleeding, changes in the texture of the teeth, pain, and swelling of the gums course. So how to cure swollen gums is actually not difficult because it can be done with natural ingredients. If you do not want to check into the doctor's good to try several ways to treat swollen gums below.

1. Gargling salt water
This way other than to treat swollen gums can also treat toothache. To implement this way by dissolving 1 teaspoon of salt into 1 cup of warm water, then use water to rinse. Try to rinse 2 times a day in order to recover quickly.

2. Using clove oil
The natural ingredients of this one has been known to overcome gum infection. You simply applying clove oil on the gums which has swollen. Apply this way three times a day in order to recover quickly.

3. The betel leaf
You do this by boiling four betel leaves into 2 cups water to boil. After boiling let stand until cool and then use water to rinse.

4. Lemon
Prepare the lemon and squeeze the fourth to take the water, then mix the lemon juice with 1/2 cup warm water. Stir and use to gargle. In order to recover quickly can you apply this method at least 2 times a day.

5. With Honey
You simply applying honey to taste the experience swollen gums. To apply this method in order to ensure a clean finger honey is not mixed with bacteria.

6. Applying vitamin E
If you have a vitamin E capsule home, you can use it to treat swollen gums. You do this simply by applying vitamin E on the gums are swollen, but make sure your finger is clean and free of germs and bacteria. Rub in a circular motion and slowly so you do not feel sick.

Some ways to treat swollen gums naturally that I have mentioned above it is better applied regularly to the gums swollen and recover quickly deflated. After that always keep your oral health and hygiene, one way to do that is to brush your teeth regularly.

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