Biography of Afgan Reza

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Afgan Reza Shah was a newcomer to the world of Indonesian music. Its presence is marked by the debut album Confessions NO.1 in January 2008.

In album produced by Wanna B Productions and distributed by Sony-BMG PT consists of 13 songs. Where as the title song song Thank You Love, Without the Clichés and the deadline Thalita Latif video clips starring with director Jose Purnomo. With color-influenced pop music, soul, R & B and jazz, the album included famous musicians, such as Dawn LMN, Harry Budiman (producer Stairs), Deddy Dhukun, Dian HP and Bebi Romeo as a composer.

Afgan itself was the second child of four children and the mate Lola Purnama Loyd Yahya. Born in Jakarta, May 27, 1989, he grew up in a family of music lovers, which then opens up the opportunity to develop her career. Afgan solo career marked by an increasingly uphill feat he achieved in Indonesian music scene. In the event Anugerah Musik Indonesia 2009, Afgan won the award for Best Solo male singer with the song Thank You Love.

Biography of Afgan RezaSuccess on the album, making Afgan want to give the best on his second album. His second album will be released in August 2009. Here Afgan will carry music in the 60's. Afghan achievements in the field of singing not only resonates in the country. But it is also up in the neighbor country, Malaysia. He entered into nomination Anugerah Planet Muzik event 2009. Entering the month of Ramadan 2009, Afgan released a single titled Seeker religious path.

Loved by many fans, especially fans of girls, making Afgan get a chance to be a star Pond's ads In the ad, he also sang the song Switch Duniaku face. In addition to Pond's, his face also appeared in several commercials, such as Ardilles, Panadol Cold & Flu, Honda, IM3 Indosat, and Andec Boneeto.

No Ordinary Love Song is not only famous in the country but also to the neighbor country, Malaysia. Unfortunately, this song was hijacked in the country. Meanwhile, the record label is trying to follow up on this case. If there is no way out, the record labels will require operator Malaysia, Maxis of U.S. $ 10 million.

Not only pursue singing, but Afgan also expand in the acting world. Debut as a cameo in the film LOVE IS NOT ORDINARY (May 2009). In this film, he also sang the soundtrack No Ordinary Love.

In late 2009, he also appeared in the film Love 2 HEART. Except this time the acting portion Afgan is much more pronounced, because he performed the title role with Olivia Jensen Lubis. He also lined up to sing its soundtrack, Love Two Hearts.

Not just a career in the entertainment world, Afgan now start exploring the world of business. By carrying brand Underneeth the Hood, Afgan also took designers from Germany to produce T-shirts with the teen market. That makes the difference, T-shirts using the production of religious and social themes.

Prestige of Afghan music scene in Indonesia and the entertainment world is evidenced when he won the award for Ngetop singer in the show SCTV Award 2010. Afgan also recorded twice a Solo Singer at the awards terdahsyat Fierce Award in 2010 and 2011.

In February 2011, Afgan decided to attend school at Monash University in Malaysia. Afgan departure to Malaysia was delayed because of a job that required him perform in concert A Masterpieces of Erwin Perry. Since college in Malaysia, Afgan not necessarily stop of his career in the entertainment world. Alternating Malaysia-Indonesia had lived for undergoing two things equally.

Although busy, but the achievements of dimpled man is indeed proud of. Recorded Afgan complete performance with his fourth win in SCTV Music Awards after winning the trophy for Pop Solo Album Ngetop in 2011.

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