How to Thicken Eyelashes Naturally, Easily and Safely

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For some people, especially women, eyelash is part of the beauty and confidence. So that the 'modify' her to look more attractive is a must. One of them thicken eyelashes. Many ways are used to thicken the lashes that look slender and attractive, such as by giving up false eyelashes mascara. The way it is very easy to implement and only a short time has been able to see the results. However, the short way it brings unfavorable impact, such as the eye could arise irritation and loss of eyelashes. Because the impact is not good for lashes, then you should use natural ways and natural.
How to Thicken Eyelashes
Here are some ways to thicken eyelashes naturally make it more beautiful and lush, among others (CAUTION for beginners who are not accustomed to using mascara, you have to be extra careful applying to the eyelashes):

Lash Thickening Using Coconut Water
In addition to functioning as an anti venom, coconut water can also be useful to replace lost ions in the body to be able to thicken eyelashes. Coconut water is in fact contain vitamin E and natural minerals that are beneficial to lengthen and thicken lashes. Though it is not immediately visible results because it is a process that is done naturally. Besides other benefits that can be obtained is lengthening hair feathers to nourish the scalp.

How to use coconut water to be enough especially young ones and let stand overnight, in the morning, use the coconut water to wash parts of the lashes and let stand about thirty minutes, then rinse with water until clean. Repeat 2x daily for maximum results.

Lash Thickening Using Olive Oil
Olive oil is a natural remedy that is well known to thicken hair, this also applies to the eyelashes. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and oleic acid that maintain and increase the volume of eyelashes. It also makes lashes become more black and healthier.

The trick: a cotton bud dipped in olive oil. Apply it carefully on your lashes before you go to bed. Leave overnight, then wash with warm water in the morning. Repeat this way every day for several months to get the desired results.

Eyelashes With Aloe Vera 
In addition to be beneficial for the hair, the function of aloe vera can also be useful for melebatkan eyelashes. But its use is to be considered because it is sticky and sharp enough sap will harm the eyes when exposed to the sap.

How to use is by taking mucus / aloe vera gel and rub gently with a cotton bud or mascara evenly, then let stand about 30 minutes and rinse with warm water until clean. Repeat this 2x a day.

Lash Thickening Using Pecan
Useful addition to spices, pecans can be useful to thicken lashes to curl.
You can create your own hazelnut oil or walnut oil to buy ready-made.

How to use it very easily, simply by applying hazelnut oil evenly using a cotton bud before bed, and then in the morning, please rinse with clean water. Do this routine every day.

Eyelash lengthening Using Green Tea
Besides beneficial for the prevention of cervical cancer and the cure headaches, it turns green tea can make hair and eyelashes more quickly grow long and thick. Green tea contains flavonoids which stimulate the growth of eyelashes.

The trick, make green tea with warm water, then dip a cotton bud and apply to lashes evenly and slowly, leave for more than 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Do this at least 2x a day on a regular basis.

Thicken eyelashes Using Skin Lemon
Lemon water is beneficial to eliminate the panda eyes , you can also use lemon peel to thicken eyelashes. Lemon peel is rich in vitamin C and B, folic acid and other nutrients that are beneficial for the growth of eyelashes. This way you should be extra careful because lemon water will react when touching your eyes The trick: Set up small slices of fresh lemon peel. Add olive oil to taste lemon peel to the inside. Stir in olive oil, then take the juice using a cotton bud and apply it slowly and carefully to the eyelashes. Let sit overnight, and rinse thoroughly in the morning.

Tips on Getting Eyelash Beautiful and Healthy
Factors such as genetics, age, certain medical conditions, malnutrition, eye infections or hormonal changes in the body often causes the eyelashes become thinner. Rubbing eyes roughly and often do not remove eye makeup on can cause your eyelashes fall out. In addition to implementing ways to thicken eyelashes naturally the above, it is better to perform maintenance in order to stay beautiful eyelashes, healthy and attractive. Here are tips you can do:
  • Never go to sleep before removing and cleaning the makeup on the eyes . This can result in the eyelashes lashes dry and brittle.
  • Clean and remove all eye makeup with makeup remover to give lashes to breathe and grow.
  • Treat it gently your eyelashes. Avoid pulling on the lashes when removing or applying makeup.
  • Make sure the eye makeup products such as mascara, eyeliner, etc. is the best quality.
  • Avoid using false eyelashes. Because if it is used continuously can damage the lashes.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers (Eyelash Curlers).
Some ways to thicken eyelashes can be used as a routine treatment in order to have healthy eyelashes, thick and attractive. Each method will have different results in each individual. It may take several weeks to several months to get the desired results, because it is a natural way takes time and consistent treatment.

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