Importance Benefits of Breakfast that Not-Be Ignored

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The morning breakfast is the meal that may often be overlooked, either because they rush off to work or school, or because they do not have time to prepare breakfast. Though the benefits of breakfast are numerous and important for our body.
Once the importance of breakfast, it is no wonder parents have always advocated his son for breakfast. It is not without reason, because according to some studies and research, experts say that the benefits of breakfast include providing energy to start a new day, weight control and improve concentration and performance. More complete breakfast the following range of benefits for health.

Early Energy Sources
Everyone should start their day with enough energy as capital for activities, where the mornings are early start. The energy we need must come from food especially after hours of no intake at all. Therefore, a full breakfast menu must also be with a healthy breakfast, such as eggs, fish, chicken, rice, bread, cereal or oatmeal, and fruit.

Pressing Eating Excess
People who skip breakfast are more inclined to feel hungry so fast will eat the portion of the lot when he met with food. This leads to increased blood sugar levels and body weight rapidly rising. Another case when someone who had breakfast in the morning, because he will get the metabolic stability and tend to not consume a lot of calories for the entire day.

Reduces Belly Fat
If someone had breakfast, then most likely he does not like excessive snacking on junk food such as candy and soda, thereby reducing the amount of belly fat and prevent weight gain.

Improve Brain Work
One of the benefits of breakfast is equally important is that it can improve brain's cognitive skills, from the increase in memory for even higher concentrations increase alertness. Because our brain requires glucose from food - carbohydrates are good - good to work with. No breakfast means brain energy will be reduced, so that the function can be decreased. Therefore, breakfast is very important for students and workers.

Strong body
Healthy breakfast menu with foods high in protein, will provide energy throughout the day. Such as new vehicles refueled, both the energy for that time and as a backup. This makes the body fit and not easily tired.

Better nutrition
Breakfast provides a good Nordisk total intake for the whole day, because it gives the opportunity to consume foods that are full of nutrients such as protein, iron, vitamins and fiber that are essential to the body healthy with nutritional needs are always met.

Prevent disease Maag
The morning breakfast is useful to prevent an ulcer and prevent recurrence of ulcer for those who already have the disease. Because the breakfast will keep the stomach filled with food so as to neutralize stomach acid. Especially after a long unfilled stomach food. In contrast to those who skip breakfast, then the stomach empty for too long so that it can lead to the pain in the stomach and potentially cause heartburn.

Preventing diabetes
Studies show that people who eat breakfast have 32% less likely to develop diabetes at an older age than those who did not have breakfast. This is because people who skip breakfast will be more resistant to insulin. Insulin resistance increases the risk of developing diabetes.

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