Soursop Leaf Consumption, Destroy Uric Acid, Cancer and Diabetes

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Uric Acid, Cancer and diabetes is a type of disease that fall into the category of harm. Not a few people who have lost their lives due to these 3 diseases or at least suffered for years.

Preventing illness is a must to do so that all sorts of diseases do not come to us, but to apply it is not easy, sometimes without realizing there are also some people who have a lifestyle is not good so that with lifestyle activities it became the beginning of the existence of a disease, just with the habit of staying up.

For gout disease may be quickly overcome, but what about cancer and diabetes. These two diseases are a type of disease that is hard to cure, even if successful in the healing stage, it will take a long time. On the basis of that why it is recommended for us who are still healthy to always maintain health with the aim that diseases do not enter the body, especially 3 diseases.

Soursop is one of the shields as well as the destruction of cancer, gout and diabetes. Fruit derived from the Caribbean of America contains certain substances as a natural remedy that is able to overcome 3 diseases above.

For the treatment of cancer, uric acid and diabetes, you need the leaves, because the leaves there is a content as a solution of 3 diseases.

For a long time, soursop leaves are known as natural remedies to prevent and treat cancer, gout and diabetes. A lot of positive substances in soursop leaves include Annohexocina, Annomuricina A, B, C and E, Annopentocinas A, B, C, Muricoreacina, Gigantetronemina, Murihexocina A and C, Javoricina, Isoquinoline, Anonaine, Atherospermine, Coreximine, Lipid, Gentisic Acid, Lignoceric acid, CLA, stear acid.

Of the many contents of soursop leaves as listed above, it is natural that the leaves of Soursop included in the category of natural ingredients that are widely used in herbs or herbal remedies to treat various diseases such as cancer, gout, diabetes and other diseases.

For those of you who have problems with your health related to diabetes, gout and cancer, then before you act by calling a doctor for medical treatment, you should first merutinkan your disease treatment using soursop leaves. To sprinkle soursop leaves into natural ingredients without side effects, please follow this article until it runs out.
From the results of the study states if soursop leaves also powerful destroying cancer. Soursop leaf is able to cure cancer because the substance contained in the leaves contain Acetogenin content. It is this content that works against tens of thousands of cancer cells as well as make it die from the body.

"The treatment through soursop leaves definitely requires a high level of patience, so there is no word spontaneous, patient, patient, patient, praying, trusting and then recovering."

How to make:
  • Take 10 soursop leaves that have been mixed with 3 glasses of water
  • Boil the soursop leaves until boiling until the water is reduced to 1 cup.
  • Cool the cooking water, then strain and drink as much as 3 times a day regularly and regularly
In addition to cancer drugs and gout, soursop leaves are also able to become heroes to eradicate Diabetes disease. The content of polyphenols, saponins, and bioflavonoids serves to increase the production of insulin in the body so that blood sugar levels can go down and breaking sugar in the body into energy faster.

"Drinking boiled water at the same time sport will make diabetes klepek, klepek"

How to Make:
Almost the same way above by boiling 10 soursop leaf that has been added 3 glasses of water. Wait until boiling, strain and let stand until warm / can be drunk. Consumption of boiled water 3 times a day regularly.

Soursop leaf have been studied by a team of researchers in various countries that mentions if soursop leaves can treat sore uric acid. The content of soursop leaves such as annocatalin, gentisic acid, annomuricin, caclourin, and linoleic acid is a content capable of destroying clumps of purine substances in the body joints. For maximum results and satisfactory, you should consume soursop leaves regularly with a suitable size.

"But remember, do not overdo it, something excessive is not good."

How to make:
  • Take 10 sheets of soursop leaves
  • Add 3 cups water then boil until boiling
  • After that, please pour boiled water soursop leaves then strain
  • Let stand until cold water boiled, then drink every morning
This is all I can explain, hopefully this article useful and add insight about health, especially about Soursop Leaf Consumption, Destroy Uric Acid, Cancer and Diabetes.

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