Benefits of melon for health and beauty

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During this time probably still many who do not know that there are a lot of properties of melon that we can use. Fruit that tastes sweet and contains a lot of water turned out to save a lot of benefits for health and beauty. Therefore in this article we will invite you more familiar with melon or Curcumis this melo. We will discuss what the content of melon and any health benefits. Which we all know is the melons is a source of vitamin C is high enough. Nutritional content so it is a decent enough entry in the list of healthy foods you daily. However not many people who know the various properties of melon to health. And to find a more complete explanation, refer to the information we have summarized below.
Melon Fruit Ingredients and Benefits for Health Body
Melon taste is very distinctive and refreshing, because the water content is pretty much the same way as a watermelon. In general, melons consumed directly with edible flesh. But that does not saturate usually fans melon advance this process into juice or into a mixture of cold drinks. So what are the contents in melon?

The first melon contains vitamin C which is quite high, in which vitamin C is quite vital functions in the body. These vitamins are antioxidants that can help boost your body's immune system, especially to counteract free radicals. Not only vitamin C, but the melons also contain vitamin A. The benefits of vitamin A itself is to maintain healthy several organs such as the eyes, skin, bones, teeth, and mucous membranes. Besides potassium and lycopenes was apparently effective enough to prevent some types of malignancies. Potassium can maintain heart health and blood pressure. While lycopene can prevent and minimize the risk of cancer and heart attacks.

Pretty much not in vitamins and nutrients in the melon? And the following are some of the properties of melon to the health of the human body.

Preventing Stroke
As before we have to say that in the melon fruit contains potassium, which can help control blood pressure in the body. Therefore melon can keep you from the risk of stroke. Moreover melon fruit is also very low in calories and fat so safely consumed by anyone, including those who are dieting. And melon also can reduce and prevent serious diseases such as diabetes.

Preventing Diabetes
In addition to controlling blood pressure in the body, the other properties of melon which is able to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. This is because melon contain natural sugars and also water course can prevent the risk of diabetes. Therefore for those who like to eat sweets or fatty foods, should be balanced well by eating fruits such as melons.

Healthy eyes
Just like carrots or dragon fruit, melon is also one good source of beta-carotene. Therefore, no wonder if the melon could help maintain the health of your eyes. Eye health which meant of course keep your eyes from disease and also can improve the sharpness of vision. Processed beta-carotene in the body into vitamin A, which is then used to improve the performance of the eye. Therefore, there is no harm if from this moment you are more often consumed melon.

Preventing Cancer
Efficacy next melon is able to prevent cancer. Where we know that cancer is one of the dangerous diseases that could be at risk of death. However, you need not worry because you can prevent the disease easily. The contents in melon, especially carotenoids could actually help the body more robust against attacks cancer lung cancer and breast.

Good for digestion
Fiber and water melon was also able to help your digestion. So for those of you who have a problem difficult bowel or other digestive problems, in addition to papaya fruit you can also try other fruit and one of them is melon. In addition to fresh and can make the body stay hydrated because the water content, your digestive system can also more smoothly. You can eat the fruit directly or with processed first into juice or other drink mixes.

Melon Fruit Benefits for Beauty
But can be used to maintain the health and fitness of the body, the properties of melon the other is for beauty treatments. So in addition consumed directly, melon can be made into a face mask that is capable of refreshing and eliminate black spots on the skin. Especially for those who daily have to work outdoors and exposed to direct sunlight. Without you knowing it, your skin will burn, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

Efficacy melon for a face mask turned out better than simply using cold water only. Why is that? Because even though it feels fresh, but it turns out when washed using cold water only, facial skin cells die and the new will only make your face become dull. Then how to manufacture the mask of melon? Making it very easy and takes no more than 15 minutes.

First of course you have to peel melon first. Then thinly sliced ​​melon flesh that you have peeled. Once you have the meat sliced ​​melon, melon slices dressing using gauze or thin cloth. Then place it on the surface of your face approximately 15 fifteen minutes evenly. Only after that you wash your face using clean water. If you want to use the masker to eliminate black spots on the face, the way is to rub melon mask on your face that there are black stains.

Why melon can be beneficial for skin health? Efficacy melon for skin health because it turned out to contain collagen melons are quite high. In which collagen itself is a substance that can help the regeneration of the skin and also the release of dead skin cells. But lest you get maximum results, you should use a mask once consumed melon melons regularly. Thus in addition to health and fitness, you will also get tight skin, fresh and radiant.

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