6 Herbal remedies in pregnancy

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Besides being used to treat various types of diseases, herbs are also used to help some couples who have difficulty conceiving. Herbs such as whether suitable to help pregnancy ?, how to use and what are the properties of herbs?. Utilization of herbal plants as a method to help the pregnancy has been used hundreds of years ago. Some plants have benefits for hormones, libido and reproduction organs. Parts used usually in the form of leaves, roots, fruit color or as raw material for tea and infusions.
Treatment using natural plants requiring high consistency and must follow the advice of experts in order to prevent the procedure for misuse. For couples who used this method in order to obtain offspring recommended not to combine with other hormone therapy because it could result in outcomes that are not perfect. However, for couples who have children through this method is no longer recommended to consume herbs as the possibility of having content that is not healthy for the development of the fetus.

1. Ginseng Chinese
This plant is ideal used for body fitness. Chinese ginseng is beneficial to increase testosterone levels thus directly affect the increase in the number of healthy sperm. Besides plants that have rapid growth of plants can be used as a contraceptive.

2. Damiana
Damiana in Latin called Turnera diffusa is a native plant that grows in the US state of Texas. Damiana is also called a plant that comes from heaven. Said, because this plant was used by the Mayans as an aphrodisiac ingredients (substances used to excite lust) that according to their beliefs at the time the plant is filled with the souls of ancestors and when consumed will produce feelings of love that is unique. This is now the experts have revealed the benefits of this crop in terms of psychological, natural tanamana can help improve physical health as well as providing its own manfat for couples who want to conceive. This helps keep the damiana plant fertility and reproductive systems maintain sperm count. These plants can be consumed in the form of a liquid or tea. Couple advised not to eat anything an hour before and after consume these plants.

3. Red clover
The women are strongly encouraged to consume red clover because these plants can regulate female hormones work in your body. This plant will increase the chance to conceive and stimulate the body with a number of calcium and vitamins. Normally parts used are red clover leaves and then boiled or dried into raw materials tea. Red clover is not recommended for consumption for someone who has a blood clotting problem.

4. Chasteberry
Chasteberry or also known as Adam's tree is a plant that has fruit which is also used as a quick way pregnant drug. This plant contains flavonoids, glycosides and terpenoids which is very useful to control and prevent the onset of hormonal imbalance. Vitex can stimulate the pituitary gland (gland located below the brain) that can produce estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in greater amounts. This herb should not be taken more than twice a week. These plants can also be processed into seasoning in cooking.

5. Licorice
This plant is very well known and widely used in Europe, India and parts of Asia. This plant will stimulate the production of hormones, especially estrogen while controlling the amount. Therefore, this plant is very suitable to fight infertility. In addition, this herbal plant helps strengthen the immune system. Be careful not to consume excessive because it can lead to headaches and increased blood pressure.

6. Leaves Raspberry
Raspberry plant leaf has properties not only for pregnancy but also beneficial to health in general, due to have content that is rich in calcium, magnesium and iron. In connection with reproductive health, herbal plant will help maintain and preserve the uterus so maybe fetus can develop healthily. Raspberry leaf tea is often processed into aromatic.

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