Causes of Parkinson's Disease and Tips to Overcome

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One of the health problems due to degeneration (deterioration) of nerve cells that Parkinson's. This setback nerve cells in the brain occur gradually in the middle, which is where the brain's function as a regulator of the movement of a person's body. Maybe we're all still a bit strange when I hear this kind of disease.
Parkinson's Disease
However, the disease has hit the entire world community are nearly 6.3 million people stricken with this disease. Types of this disease is affecting all kinds of flavors and cultures around the world. Well, on this occasion I will share information about Parkinson's disease, its causes, symptoms occur, to the way of treatment. Please observe the following article to its conclusion.

Potential causes of Parkinson's Disease
There are several causes that can make a person affected by Parkinson's disease. Generally the causes of Parkinson's disease is due to reduced dopamine in the brain, resulting in brain activity and can not perform its function normally. While the cause of the decrease in dopamine itself until now unknown. However, experts said that there are several factors that gave rise to the symptoms only and are not necessarily the recipient is experiencing symptoms of the disease parkison types. Well, the factors that the side effects of the use of drugs, as indeed there are some drugs that can cause the appearance of these symptoms, such as tremors and muscle stiffness.

In addition, there are several factors that can indeed trigger dapomine disease, namely because of heredity and environment. for heredity is one of the causes considerable risk to this disease. Why is that ??, because the genes of the parents are very influential on the growth of children. As for the environmental factors we can see the environment around us everyday. Unhealthy environment will certainly arrival of a disease risk. Unhealthy environment, such as pollution factory, fumes, and others.

Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
In general, Parkinson's disease will strike the prospective sufferers through different ways and different alias is not the same. This difference arises because the symptoms that occur in patients also varied. At first the symptoms may be mild enough that then neglected. But do not assume sepel, could only mild symptoms that ultimately will gradually deteriorate. There are several symptoms that usually appear on the patient, among others, can you see explanation below.

One of the symptoms that occur in someone who will be affected by Parkinson's disease is tremor. Tremor is an uncontrollable shivering. These symptoms usually appear on the body, especially the hands and fingers. And this sense of shaking will occur when the body is at rest or it could be resting. And need to know, that this tremor as the primary symptom. In addition to the tremor, another symptom that there are bradykinesia (slowing of body movements). Well, in these symptoms, body movements become slower, and even simple activities that will be hard to do. Why is that ?, because of Parkinson's disease can affect motor coordination body, where such coordination will decline.

In addition to tremor and bradykinesia, other symptoms of Parkinson's disease that is no rigidity, or stiffness of muscles. Most of the people who will be stricken with health problems that Parkinson's then the muscles in his body will become stiff and tense, both big muscles and small muscles. Things like can make facial expressions and body movements will be very limited which will also cause excessive pain due to cramps in the muscles. Then the subsequent symptoms, namely due to a balance disorder. When the body balance disorder alias unbalanced, then automatically the body will easily fall.

Then the subsequent symptoms are usually candidates for Parkinson's disease patients experience depression and anxiety overload. This happens because the disease may be too much to think about going to the disease, because the disease is not clearly known cure. Well conditions like this can be to make the patient feel depressed. Then, there are other symptoms of dementia. Dementia is one of the symptoms that indicate the patient is impaired in his memory.

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