Happens in the Brain When Experiencing Chronic Stress

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The pressures we face every day can accumulate into chronic stress, which gradually make changes in the brain. Chronic stress can we experience when we should be faced with endless quarrel with the couple, the heavy workload in the office, and so forth.
Stress begins in the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis (HPA), where there is interaction between the endocrine gland in the brain and kidneys. This will control how the body responds to stress. For example, when the brain detects a situation of stress, the HPA axis directly activate and release the hormone cortisol.

High cortisol levels in a long time will give a certain effect on the brain. Chronic stress increases the activity of the nerve connections in the amygdala (fear center in the brain), which also causes cortisol levels to rise.

These conditions can cause an electrical signal in hipocampus, areas of the brain responsible for learning function, memory, and control of stress, disrupted, inhibits the activity of the HPA axis, and weakens a person's ability to control stress.

Excess cortisol also causes the brain to shrink, so that the connections in the brain decreases. Areas of the brain responsible for concentration, decision making, and social interaction is also shrinking. Cortisol also causes hipocampus produce fewer brain cells, so we are increasingly difficult to learn and remember things.

Another effect that fear is increasing the risk of depression and Alzheimer's disease. The good news, there are many ways to improve what is already done cortisol in the brain. For example, exercise or meditation. Both of these activities can improve focus and be more vigilant.

Reduce stress will also increase the size of hipocampus and improve memory. Control your stress before stress begins to take over your life.

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