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Fungi that cause athlete's foot is called Epidermophyton floccosum, usually attacks the skin that lies between the toes. The legs are attacked by this infection will usually flaky and itchy, but it also becomes dry and blisters occur. The use of socks and shoes in the long term can lead to athlete's foot because this fungus likes warm and moist areas so that areas affected by water fleas becomes scaly and even fester.
Recognize water fleas
The disease is easily recognizable from the first mark. Complaints beginning of the sign red spots on the skin that causes itching, after a few hours muncuk lentingan spots with clear contents in the red dot, the size of lentingan very diverse. In the lentingan clear that there is a clear viscous liquid into a media life of the fungi that cause athlete's foot which is the type of dermatophyte fungi (dermatophytes) or trichophyton (Trichophyton). If this lentingan will spread the fungus gets broken skin to another.

Under mild conditions can own water flea problems mongering without the need for special treatment, but when exposure occurs in many water flea infestation point then the water will be solid growth. Without special handling and serious irritation to the area wet water fleas, skin will thicken due to the effects of cell regeneration system which continuously form new cells to replace damaged cells that are still attached to the infection resulting in acute infection and ulcers are very sick.

Causes of water fleas:
  • The fungus that causes athlete's foot thrive only on certain conditions.
  • Moist and warm environment is a favorite place for the fungus.
  • Someone wearing shoes for a long time will make your feet tend to be moist so that it will trigger the growth of fungi.
  • When the fungus grows, the skin produces more cells to replace damaged cells. That's because, the skin is exposed to water fleas appear scaly.
  • Wearing wet shoes, plastic shoes, or socks wet can cause fungal infections of the foot.
  • Legs are often exposed to water such as when washing will also increase the risk of athlete's foot fungus growth.
Is the water flea contagious?
  • Water fleas including infectious diseases that can spread from person to person or from animals to humans.
  • In humans, infection occurs when there is direct skin contact.
  • On the other hand, the mushroom water fleas can also spread from a variety of mediums. For example, the fungal infection can occur from swimming pool water and bath water.
  • Similarly, using clothes or towels belonging to an infected person can also spread the water fleas.

How to treat the water fleas

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is also very effective for treating water fleas in your legs, simply apply coconut oil on your feet infested water, then rinse with warm water. Do it over and over and over, at least 3 times a day to get the maximum results. Coconut oil has lauric acid as an anti-fungal substances and protect against mildew on your water fleas.

The salt water is already famous for its potency eliminate various kinds of mushrooms and water fleas that you experienced. This is because of the salt water contains anti fungal and bacterial. Simply dip your toe in the media as a basin, then fill with a mixture of water and salt. Soak your feet for about 15 minutes every day until your water fleas disappeared.

Water Vinegar
Vinegar functions as well as salt water, to relieve the pain of excessive water mix vinegar with water, if necessary with the use of hot / warm water in order to free from germs.

Tea contains tanic acid may help remove germs mushrooms and water fleas, not only that the marinade can also relieve itching due to germs were moldy.

Anti fungal and anti-bacterial work directly address the germs on the feet and hands, are hot and sore. Suitable for treating fungal diseases such as athlete's foot.

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