How Fast and High Fat Quickly

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Not a few people looking for a quick way fat and high in one week, therefore, on this occasion Admin would like to share some tips on high-fat fast and naturally. But before you need to know in advance that the actual fat is unhealthy. Because there are many deadly diseases caused by obesity.

Some diseases triggered by obesity including that of the stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol, and many more. For it should you need to consider your ideal weight. If you want to know the ideal weight, please read this article: How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight Men and Women.
If you have a thin body fat and want to quickly try to consume milk every day. In addition there are again some other way fat fast you may need to try. Immediately following a few tips on how high-fat fast and quickly.

Quick Ways fattening Agency

1. Routine consumption of milk
Before you consume milk gull sure to select milk cream because not all of the milk can be fattening the body. You can eat them on a regular basis after waking up and before going to bed.

2. Reduce begadang
If you like staying up late so from now cut back from staying up all unhealthy and make you thinner. Make sure that enough sleep 8 hours a day.

3. The consumption of nutritious foods
Try as much as possible to eat a variety of foods that are high in protein such as nuts, fruit, spinach, wheat, potatoes, eggs, fish, chicken breast, milk cows, and so forth.

4. Adding eating
A quick way to add the next meaty portions. Food intake greatly affect body weight. For that reason it is good to eat if you want to increase the portion of fat fast. But note also the nutritional value and intake of foods that you consume it. The average caloric requirements of men that is 2200 calories, while women ie 1900 calories. So if you want to be fat quickly is certainly needed an extra 1000 calories per day.

How Fast Cleaner

1. Cycling
Cycling will indirectly add to your height because of the movement when pedaling will happen stretching leg bones.

2. Consumption of food calcium
There is now a lot of high calcium milk consumption that you can to help your growth. In addition there is also a good idea to consume milk eating a variety of calcium foods such as cheese, yoghurt, soya beans, green vegetables, etc.

3. Swinging
In addition to the sport of cycling you can also do activities swinging on tree branches strong. This activity is believed to add height quickly.

So some fat fast and how high can Admin share on this occasion. Of course it takes patience and diligence so that the results can be maximized. Do not forget to share your social networking accounts so friends and relatives are also aware of these tips.

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