Ways To Maintain Health Ear

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There are millions in the world who suffer from serious hearing loss, it is no wonder if the way of maintaining the health of the ear is very important to be in the know. Ear is an urgent part of the body at all because the ear is one of the five senses to five, of all the activities we have never been apart from the ear.
cause of disturbance is earwax, injury, tumor, foreign body in the ear, genetics, birth defects, infections, exposure to loud noises, side effects of certain drugs and so forth. If not handled properly  will result in permanent hearing loss. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the health of the ear.

1. Avoid noisy environments, such as karaoke and other places. Because often hear a noisy sound can make you become deaf, if you work in a noisy place so use ear protection devices.

2. Zinc and folic acid can not only help maintain a healthy body, but also good for maintaining healthy ear. Reduce consumption of sugar, caffeine, cigarettes, salt and artificial sweeteners.

3. Wash the ears regularly using cutton bud, not too strong push swab into the ear bud while cleaning it. Cleaning the ear due to pushing or inserting cutton too deeply into the ear instead will remove dirt, but it will push dirt entering further into the ear. Avoid tools that can push ear wax into the ear canal, because it can cause injury and hearing loss.

4. Avoid treating yourself if ear ache, better consult a health professional who will check the health of your ears. Whatever happens in your ear doctors will give advice on maintaining health teinga.

5. Not good for the health of the ear that always listen to favorite songs with great sound or smaller by using earphones, it also can make your ear health is reduced from the normal range of hearing. We recommend that you listen to your favorite songs without using earphones, It would be better especially other people around you can hear and enjoy the song with you.

To take care of the ears is not difficult, it's better to prevent than to treat. Hopefully these tips useful for you.

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