Fetal development 36 Sunday and Childbirth Preparation

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In the developing fetus of 36 weeks, or the last weeks before delivery, the prospective baby has almost reached perfect shape, both in terms of weight, size, and the development of his organs. Compared with the development of the fetus 30 weeks, at 36 weeks of no new organ is formed but only a refinement of an organ that has complete earlier. At this gestational age of the fetus is experiencing significant growth in size, but it was enough down the baby in the womb because it toward readiness for birth. At most, a normal pregnant women giving birth between weeks 39 and 41. Nonetheless birth preparations must be made in advance, due to the condition of birth were different, the handling of medical experts, or it can happen premature birth.
Fetal development 36
At this gestational age is usually the mother became more worried and anxious about how childbirth later. But the feeling is very reasonable felt by the mother. Good preparation will facilitate the birth process. Consult a medical specialist or midwife regularly to check on your pregnancy. Note the movements of the fetus before the birth.

Fetal development 36 Sunday and Conditions Mother
Besides fetus begins to develop rapidly in the last weeks of pregnancy, the mother containing also experiencing some of the symptoms and complaints that are generally felt by all pregnant women. As discussed earlier, most would feel scared and anxious about the birth process later. But should at times like that mothers abstain from excessive feelings of worry and stress. Then how the development of the fetus 36 weeks? The following reviews out more about fetal development in the last weeks of pregnancy.
  • Each week fetus will gain weight. In the last weeks the baby usually has increased about ½ pound per week. Therefore do not be surprised if you feel the uterus becomes increasingly narrow. The baby who is ready to see the outside world will help increase weight badanya with a layer of fatty deposits that memantu regulate body temperature and develop immunity.
  • At 36 weeks of fetal development can you feel well while the lower fetal position. This is because the baby is ready to take to the streets birth. Long baby during these weeks are usually reaches about 47 cm and weighs 2.5 kilograms.
  • At week 36 confirm the position of the baby in the womb is not breech. And to ensure his position, consult your content as it is still possible to change the position of the baby in the womb. Normal is the baby's head is under entering a way out and the buttocks are in the top. The fetus was more frequent moves.
  • Approaching the last week of fetal skin will be more perfect. White color becomes somewhat dark reddish or red.
  • In addition to the 36 weeks of fetal development is characterized by an increasingly dense hair growth and also the formation of the nails on the fingers and also the toes.
Complaints Perceived Mother Pregnancy Last Week
In addition to infants who experienced rapid development in the last weeks of pregnancy, the mother also feel the symptoms or complaints that were not found during pregnancy. There are some things that will be felt by the mother when the fetus or the baby is ready to be born. Some tips that might we give is, if the mother works should reduce activities or take time off to rest at home until after delivery and conditions began to recover. This is because the mother will feel pain around the pelvis as the baby into the birth canal that causes pressure on the nerves around the hip. Well, to resolve the issue mother could lift her legs and placed on a pillow or other objects higher in order to avoid dilation of blood vessels in the legs or the so-called varicose veins.

Besides these minor symptoms, the development of the fetus 36 weeks turned out to be the mother's body will also undergo changes. In the last weeks of the mother suggested that the more regularly check the content of each week until the time of delivery arrived. The body of pregnant women who have reached the last weeks require calorie consumption amount of 2400 to 2500 per day. This is because the mother's body will work hard before the birth.

As earlier discussed, that in the last weeks should position the baby's head had gone down into the birth canal. However, if the position is still breech, or buttocks and legs down to the point of birth, you do not need to worry. There are ways you can do to change the position of the baby. One way is to do a prostrate position as often as possible. The next physical symptoms that you can feel is the weight gain will be increased by about 11.25 to 13.5 kilograms in 36 weeks.

Well, on the development of the fetus 36 weeks of the mother's body will more efficiently convert the nutrients in the body into energy. The fact answer questions from women who say that it is difficult to lose weight during the last weeks of pregnancy. Baby or fetus will grow faster than during fetal development week to 14. These developments will make the baby put pressure on the mother's circulatory system. Therefore, in these weeks is recommended that pregnant women reduce salt consumption so that his blood pressure remained stable and normal.

Perceived Mother contraction in Last Week of Pregnancy
In addition to the symptoms of the physical changes that occur in the mother and fetus, the mother will feel the contraction of the muscles of the uterus before the birth. Which is usually felt in the developing fetus is 36 weeks mules stomach, cramps, or even feel pain like when coming months. His symptoms were called several times that will be experienced by pregnant women during the last weeks before delivery.

There are two types, namely His Holiness and His genuine fake. His original is when contractions that you feel is really a sign of labor contractions, contractions usually lasts about 45-75 seconds and the interval between contractions will continue to grow closer and stronger contractions. While the false contractions characteristic of different tastes may be similar to the current development of the fetus in the second trimester, the frequency of contractions are irregular and do not cause pain that is felt from the waist to the lower abdomen. His addition also false contractions are not too strong and will not affect the opening of the cervix.

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