Not Make You Fat, Cheese Will Make You Healthier

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When eating cheese imaginable by you is probably the fat globules that will make fat deposits accumulate in some areas of the body. But do not worry, ladies. According to the study ate cheese was good for health as reported namely:
Strong bones
Cheese has a high calcium content. For that cheese is recommended to maintain bone health. Cheese is rich in vitamin B which serves to help the absorption of calcium in the body. You can choose the cheese with low fat content, so as not to interfere with your diet.

Dental health
The calcium in cheese helps the teeth to avoid cavities. Diligently eat cheese then you can reduce the risk of tooth decay such as cavities, plaque and bad breath. Consumption of cheese every day to meet your daily calcium intake.

Maintain a healthy heart
Cheese is very good for keeping the blood pressure in the body so as to maintain heart health. Although salty cheese is low in sodium, so good for heart health.

Eating cheese regularly will increase your endurance increases. Daily calcium intake can be met. If you can not drink milk, replace it with the cheese will make you still can meet dairy calcium intake of cheese. So, how Ladies are no longer afraid to eat the cheese? May be useful.

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