8 Foods to Raise for your Body

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Everyone wants to have the ideal height. Generally, the ideal height for women in Indonesia is about 160 cm. As for men is around 170-180 cm. However, often people Indonesia has a height that is considered less than ideal, which is about 140-150 cm. Usually this is caused by heredity and nutrition less.
In order to obtain the ideal height, more people are willing to do a variety of ways, ranging from pills improvement body, exercising, taking vitamins and certain foods. Yes, eating foods that contain nutrients and proteins can help the height growth in children. In fact, the food is also very effective to support growth for those who enter adulthood. Here are reviews of some of the foods that are useful to raise the body:

Beverages containing milk is high in calcium so it is very effective in supporting the growth and increase the strength of bones in the body. Consuming a glass of milk every night can help the height growth.

Spinach not only serves as a menu for a healthy diet, but also useful in height growth. In spinach contains calcium and iron that can help increase the height for children or adults.

One of the vitamin content in height enhancer pill is vitamin B. Grains contain B vitamins and iron that can help bone growth. You can eat cereals or whole grain bread each breakfast to increase height.

Soybeans are one of the sources of vegetable protein that effectively helps the growth of bones and muscles. Eating soy foods such as tofu will increase the height within a certain period.

Eggs are a food source of protein recommended for consumption for children or teens to help the growth of the body. If you really want a quick high, then eat eggs 2-3 pieces a day. The eggs are foods that are easily digested, so the protein content is quickly absorbed by the body.

Nuts are kind vegetable which contains a variety of nutrients, such as vitamins, folic acid, fiber, protein, and carbohydrates. The content in nuts can stimulate growth hormone. Therefore, nuts are a daily menu that must be provided for those who intend to increase the height.

In general, most people eat broccoli as a menu for the diet. Broccoli is a vegetable that is rich in fiber and vitamin C content in broccoli is useful to treat infections of the skin and stimulates growth hormone. So, if you want to add height, then there is no harm in adding broccoli in your dishes every day.

In general, peas served with other vegetables dishes to add flavor. Actually, peas has benefits that are not widely known by most people. Peas contain high levels of nutrients that can help the growth of the body in children. In addition, peas also provides nutrition for adults to improve bone growth.

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