Benefits of Ginger That Must Know

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Ginger or Latin is Zingiber officinale is one of the rhizomes of plants known as a cooking spice and can be used as herbal medicine and beverage warmers. In the traditional markets we met a lot of ginger is bought and sold. Society often assume that ginger as a drug-busting colds and body warmers. But keep in mind that the benefits of ginger not only that, it has many health benefits.
In Indonesia itself has a lot of producers who cultivate ginger in the form of food, beverages and medicines because ginger contains nutrients that are good for health such as vitamin B-6, vitamin B-5, gingerol and others. Get to know in advance some kind of ginger follows:

1. Ginger elephant
Sesusai with ginger name is in great shape and have a more dominant rhizome segments. Ginger is favored in the international market due to have a flavor that is not too spicy.

2. Ginger small white or CVD
Ginger is rather small and has a white color to yellow-brass. The ginger rhizome segments was rather fat and contains more essential oils of ginger elephant. Society in general often use ginger as a spice in cooking.

3. The red ginger
If previously ginger in great shape, rather small, then the red ginger chopped into small pieces and has a rhizome skin color to red-cheeked. This is very spicy ginger ginger-ginger from other types. Even the content of essential oil is very much so it is often used as a herbal medicine and drugs.

Benefits of ginger for health:

1. Smooth blood flow
Gingerol existing content of the ginger can inhibit blood clots. If there is blood clots that lead to blockage of blood vessels which is the main cause of dangerous diseases such as stroke and heart. By consuming ginger regularly the possibility of inhibition of blood flow is highly unlikely.

2. Digestion
Protease and lipase enzyme is contained in ginger can increase the absorption of fat and protein in the body. Ginger also helps digestion of food the stomach into the small intestine, could help clean the dirt in the stomach that prevent excess fat deposits. This can help a person to go on a diet as well.

3. Controlling blood sugar
Ginger can improve the action of insulin, which acts as a regulator of metabolism that can prevent excessive blood sugar production in the liver and kidneys. When the hormone insulin decreases working power then there will be the possibility of the body affected by diabetes. This is confirmed by a study at the University of Sydney which states that ginger can control glucose by muscle cells.

4. Strengthen the immune system
Antioxidants in ginger high enough that the compound serves as an antidote to free radicals that are harmful to the body. If taken every day will strengthen the immune system. Strong endurance will kick wide range of diseases that were going to come to our bodies.

5. Overcoming nausea
Nausea that we experience is a sign that the body condition was about to pull out substances that can harm the body and other causes due to irritation of the digestive tract. In addition to the medicines that we can overcome them by drinking ginger every day such as herbs, ginger and others. This has been proven by several studies.

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