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Proper Food Consumed when pain is sometimes overlooked because they are not too play a role. Whereas the right foods needed for a person who is experiencing a particular illness. The right foods will help speed the healing process.
The lack of proper food sometimes actually exacerbate the disease being experienced. That is why it would need to determine the types of food consumed at the exact times of certain diseases. Each disease requires different treatment. Similarly, the types of foods that can help rapid recovery process. Here are some types of food Proper Pain Consumed current according to the type of disease that was suffered, among other things:

Water and coffee to cope with headaches 
The key drivers person experiencing headaches largely due to dehydration. If you are experiencing headache can be tried by drinking enough water. Then wait if it can relieve pain experienced or not. Can also consume a cup of coffee or tea. But keep in mind needs to be offset to drink water so that it can avoid dehydration. When dehydration can actually aggravate headaches experienced. When headaches strike should avoid various types of foods and beverages that contain MSG, artificial sweeteners, hot dogs and so on.

Tea warm to overcome colds  
Colds are one type of disease that is very disturbing activities. Runny nose, nasal making it difficult to perform any activity. It's good to drink hot tea. Although the drink will not impede liquid or runny but it can help make the body more comfortable. For more leverage and can reduce colds, add the ginger. The content of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ginger or ginger tea can accelerate the healing of colds.

Foods containing magnesium and calcium in the body to cope with pain 
Pain in the body can be in the form of pain in the joints, pain in the muscles and so on. Eating foods that contain magnesium such as green vegetables, nuts and avocados as well as foods with a high content of calcium such as orange juice, yogurt, and others can help relieve the pain experienced. Avoid beverages containing alcohol and caffeine because it increased the pain in the muscles.

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