Gastric Ulcer Pain Comfortable Safe

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Ulcer dyspepsia or called in medical terms is a gastrointestinal disease that is most common. Ulcer is usually caused by irregular eating patterns, eating unhealthy snacks, eat too spicy, eating spicy foods, carbonated drinks and also because it is too stressful.
Gastric Ulcer Pain Comfortable Safe
As a result of the ulcer may decrease the performance of muscles and nerves in the stomach. This effect on digestive health and result in abnormal digestive system.

To cope with heartburn, you can take medication heartburn. Additionally thing you do is to avoid foods that can trigger stomach acid to rise, as quoted follows:
  • Food containing gas such as cabbage, broccoli, jack fruit, melon and watermelon.
  • Foods that stimulate acid reflux such as tea, coffee, white wine, milk and soft drinks.
  • Foods that can lower esophageal valve as foods high in fat and fried foods.
  • Spicy and acidic foods that can directly damage the stomach wall.
Fatty foods like chocolate and cheese. Both of these foods can increase the stretch in the stomach that can trigger acid reflux.

Always keep your diet and avoid stress. In addition to avoiding the above foods, eating papaya is good for controlling gastric acid. Diligent exercise to keep the body fit and fresh.

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