It turns spicy chili Beneficial to Health

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Has become a habit many people to consume chili on the menu daily food consumption. In fact, probably without chili food they consume will not seem complete. The chili is beneficial to enhance the appetite and makes food taste better when consumed. However, the chili is also often referred to as food ingredients which can cause indigestion.
But chili is not always bad for consumption, even the results of the latest call if the chili actually has healthy benefits for the body, what are the benefits of healthy chili? Here's his review.

Overcoming useful for Stuffy Nose
As we experience nasal congestion these conditions are quite annoying, but you do not have to worry because that's one of the benefits of chili. Spicy peppers can help you to overcome congestion.

Meet useful for intake of Vitamin C
Who would have thought it chili peppers contain vitamin C in it. In fact it turns out that vitamin C in peppers is much more in the appeal of citrus fruits, which is known as a fruit that has a high vitamin C content. Research results from a number of expert calls if reversed sensation of spicy chili save about 170mg of vitamin C. It is much more in the appeal of orange that contains only 69mg of vitamin C. The vitamin C content of peppers would be very helpful to ensure adequate intake of vitamin C is needed by body. Also of course very good for health support.

Beneficial to Stop Bleeding
Besides having a high content of vitamin C chilli was also useful to stop bleeding when we encounter unexpected events. According to experts, especially cayenne peppers can be used as drugs to stop bleeding in a manner sprinkle on the body that is bleeding or dissolved into the water to be used as medicine bandage.

Beneficial for the Immune
Chili contains capsaicin which is a naturally occurring chemical that gives a spicy flavor. But experts say the substance is not always bad, the research found that the natural chemicals protect the body against viruses and fungal infections.

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