Traditional Medicine Stomach Acid High Rise

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Are there any traditional medicine gastric acid powerful addressing high levels of acid in the stomach? When your stomach feels uncomfortable and bloated after lunch, you might wonder, what is happening in your digestive system.
Acid High Rise
Taste as there is gas in the abdomen that slowly rises to the throat could be the symptoms of increased stomach acid production. High stomach acid disease is also called the ulcer disease. Gastric acid production is influenced by the type of food intake. Therefore, pay attention to diet and type of food consumed to avoid this disease.

Foods high in fat have a degree of acidity (pH) is high. This is what triggered the increase in the production of stomach acid. Gastric acid itself is actually needed in the process of digestion. The function of stomach acid to kill bacteria is carried in by food.

Traditional Medicine Stomach Acid Up
In addition, gastric acid also serves to stabilize glucose and also stimulates the production of digestive enzymes. Therefore, all the food we eat should come into contact with stomach acid in order to be processed well before the nutrients can be circulated throughout the body by the blood.

Under normal circumstances, the production of stomach acid to rise every 4 hours. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you eat every 4 hours for the production of stomach acid is not too high. People who are often late can eat ulcer disease and should consume traditional medicine stomach acid up in order to reduce discomfort in the abdomen. Eating late is a major cause of high levels of acid in the stomach. In addition, irregular eating habits and stress can also trigger the production of excess stomach acid.
Traditional Medicine Stomach Acid High

When high levels of gastric acid, generally most people immediately take the drugs from the class of antacids. Antacids can indeed inhibit gastric acid secretion. However, this type of drug actually just relieve temporary.

High disease stomach acid or ulcer recurrence can be sudden and more severe than ever. For that reason, many people who prefer traditional medicine high stomach acid because it is safer although the recovery process is not as fast as antacid medication class.

Any medication you choose, either type of antacid drugs or traditional medicine stomach acid, be careful in your selection. Because if you choose the wrong drug, it can increase the risk of bacterial growth and possibly lead to other dangerous infectious diseases.

In addition to taking medication correctly and regularly, you should also pay attention to a healthy diet. Eat regularly and chewing food 32 times longer also helps cure stomach acid. Avoid foods high in fat, lots of soy milk consumption, avoid stress and quit smoking.

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