Want to Prevent Arthritis? The Food Consumption

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All types of food and drink intake is the intake of highly influential on the condition of a person's body. Not only about but also stamina up endurance. In fact it has been so understood by many people, which means that if they want to prevent the occurrence of health problems in his body then they should pay attention to the well every kind of food intake and drinks that he consumed. But again this understanding just understood without performed.
Today there are many kinds of health problems that can infect anyone, including the type of disorder once synonymous with the elderly is arthritis. Now rheumatic problems began to penetrate the age limit, if used to only occur in those who are already old then rheumatic problems now widely encountered in young children. The most surprising turns rheumatic problems can not be cured with a total though now many modern medicines called rheumatic problems can be overcome.

This was revealed by researchers who call if rheumatic problems can not be cured completely. Each type of drugs are only able to minimize it, it happens because of rheumatic disorders and the fact that uric acid can occur from food or beverages consumed. But you need not worry because the expert researchers also said that there are many kinds of food and drinks prevention of arthritis. Well, here are some of them.

Green tea
The green is known as the type of beverage that has the benefits of healthy and prevent disease one of which is to prevent arthritis. Green tea is believed to be a deterrent intake rheumatism because it contains antioxidants that can prevent inflammation and damage to bones. This is evident from a number of studies that call if the content of epigallocatechin in green tea can suppress the evil molecules that can cause damage to the joints. But, you should also not be consumed in excess, because green tea also has a harmful effect on the body.

Cheese and Yoghurt
Two types of foods that are processed materials of low-fat milk is also one kind of food intake suppression of rheumatism. Because the content contained in cheese and yogurt are rich in calcium and vitamin D can prevent inflammation and certainly increase endurance.

Soybeans are called by some experts the researchers to be one type of intake that has a myriad of benefits to the body, whether it be food or drink while. The reason, soy is very rich in protein, fiber but low in fat which would be the type of food and drink intake can prevent inflammation of the bone.

One kind of food is certainly a very popular food. Unfortunately this kind of food is now beginning rarely glimpsed among the public, even though the fish has omega 3 can prevent arthritis. Omega-3 fatty acids have a good benefit for reducing the risk of inflammation caused by excess production of the enzyme. This is strengthened by the results reported by the Annals of Diseases, which found that of the thousands of samples to consume fish regularly can prevent arthritis by 50 percent.

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