4 Benefits of squid Against Body Health

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Seafod are foods that most enjoy doing a lot of people, besides being delicious content of some types of seafood also have health benefits to the body, one of which is squid. Animals are known to spout black ink when pressed become one of the favorite food for many people.
Besides the taste, the texture of the meat is chewy squid are often served with a variety of preparations is proved to have many benefits to the body, especially to overcome some kind of dangerous diseases. What are the benefits of healthy squid? Here are four benefits of them.

Maximizing the White Blood Cells
For some people, the squid ink is a very disturbing. Inevitably not least among which dispense the ink. However, according to experts squid ink should not in waste away. Because of the results of ink has its own benefits to the health of the body that is maksimal performance of white blood cells. From the research, the ink it contains special substances that can make the performance of white blood cells in overcoming the germs that enter the body. Thus, it is useful to prevent health problems.

Nourish the Digestive System
With proper processing of seafood could be a diet that makes you "crazy". But not only enjoyment that's all you can get from cumui-squid. Because the existing content in meat and the ink has a very healthful benefits. Like your body's digestive system healthy. Squid contain healthy minerals which can nourish your digestive system, even the mineral content that includes the type of niacin and riboflavin is much needed content of the body.

Lowering Cholesterol
You have a problem with cholesterol? Or you want to prevent cholesterol? Then maybe the seafood is very beneficial for you. From the research experts find omega 3 which was very beneficial to lower cholesterol levels in your body.

Overcoming Tumor
Tumor including dangerous disease so it is avoided by all ornag. Well, one of the healthy benefits of squid may help you cope with the tumor. As mentioned at the beginning if the squid ink has excellent benefits for health. According to sources, cumu-squid ink could be a method of treatment for the tumor but must remain under the supervision of the medical side. One more, this seafood also has healthy benefits to the heart, because of the mineral content, iodine, vitamin B and omega 3 is beneficial to the formation of red blood cells.

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