4 Healthy Food Substitutes White Rice

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White rice is very attached to all people, even a meal without rice is often considered incomplete. Let's admit anyone who was not satisfied if you do not eat rice? There is no shame because of the fact that a meal without rice does not taste bland even afdol taste if eaten without rice.
However, when viewed from the side of the health of rice actually has a number of bad risks. Well, for a number of health experts suggested replacing rice with some other foods that contain carbohydrates and better nutrition of rice. Any food substitute for rice? Here's his review.

Yam is actually a typical plant Indonesia, but the potato is often overlooked as the main menu. Even the most among Ubi serve as a side menu. In fact, potatoes are a healthy diet substitute for rice. Because, potatoes contain carbohydrates and beta carotene which is very good for health.

In addition to potatoes, the potatoes can be a healthy substitute for rice menu. Because, potatoes contain fiber and carbohydrates are quite complex, and of course in addition to healthy potatoes are also capable of filling just like rice. However, health experts recommend that you consume potatoes are steamed rather than the fried.

Yogurt is included as a healthy diet, even in addition to healthy digestion and also improve bone health yogurt also appeared to have the same effect as rice filling. Because the results of research yogurt also contains carbohydrates, even 6 ounces of yogurt contains 30 grams of carbohydrates.

This food is a trend in many circles, no one does because of health experts also call this food menu contains a very healthy and helps to lower high blood sugar levels and absorb the bad cholesterol. In fact, some health experts call if oatmeal is a menu of food that contains carbohydrates super healthy.

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