4 Types of Good Food for Healthy Blood

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One thing that became evident why the food you eat will affect the health of the body is blood. Blood is a liquid that has a very important function of the body. Such as maintaining the stability of the body, carrying oxygen, circulate nutrients and much more.
Well, because blood has a very important role then we ought to maintain health and improve the quality of blood in our body. Therefore you should certainly pay attention to the type of intake of the food you eat to nourish the blood. What are some foods that nourish the blood? Here are four of them.

Pomegranate to be one kind of fruit that is very healthy for consumption, one of which is to maintain, nourish and improve blood flow. Pomegranate fruit contains phytochemicals that are very good to prevent damage to the lining of blood vessels and increases the blood supply to the heart for patients with coronary artery problems.

Broccoli and Spinach
Spinach and broccoli is a healthy food intake, even alkali content and chlorophyll is also very useful to nourish the blood and liver healthy. The same benefit is also found in other green vegetables.

Asparagus and Cucumber
Asparagus and cucumbers also a very good food for your consumption. Asparagus and cucumbers into excellent food for the body remove toxins that can nourish the blood. In fact, if you regularly consume asparagus you can accelerate blood circulation, purify the blood and nourish the liver. As with cucumber contains vitamin C and potassium which is very good for the health of your blood. In fact, the main properties of cucumber are foods that have anti-inflammatory properties which is very healthy for the body and blood.

Turmeric is a spice that we often encounter in foods Indonesia. In fact, turmeric is also one that is easy grocery encountered. Apparently, in addition to being one of the herbs in a variety of foods, turmeric was also very good for the blood. Because the content of curcumin in turmeric is useful for preventing and reducing hardening of the arteries. In fact, the compound also can reduce the accumulation of fat in the arteries.

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