Causes of brain inflammation or meningitis And Prevention

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Encephalitis or meningitis commonly called meningitis, the disease can lead to paralysis, multiple disabilities, and other serious disorders such as mental disorders. This disease will cause death if not promptly treated. Causes inflammation of the brain, namely fungi, and viruses, or bacteria. The disease is easily transmitted through mucus or salivary fluid when laughing, sneezing, talking, kissing, coughing, smoking alternately, and use the same toothbrush.
Encephalitis can also be transmitted through the use of the same cutlery with sufferers of meningitis. You need to know that people with meningitis may transmit the virus or bacteria to others after being given antibiotics within 24 hours. Causes arising as a result of meningitis is weak and lethargic, fever accompanied by a stiff neck, shivering or chills, yellow skin, rigid seating, seizures, frequent headaches, nausea and vomiting accompanied by headache, upper respiratory tract infection, loss of appetite, hearing loss and vision occur, afraid of bright lights, and decreased consciousness.

Inflammatory disease of the brain is also defined as a disease that attacks the lining of the brain, so the brain membrane is inflamed, called the meninges surrounding the spinal cord behind and also the brain. The causes inflammation of the brain is by bacteria which shall be more dangerous compared to brain inflammation caused by a virus , This bacteria is commonly referred to pneumokokus. Bacteri can live in the throat 10% of healthy people.

Another cause of encephalitis is unhealthy lifestyle, such as lack of rest or no rest after doing various activities. It is also caused by genetic factors, ie radiation exposure to radiation that can trigger the development of cancer cells, and the use of carcinogenic substances such as chemicals and use of cooking oil repeatedly.

How to prevent inflammatory disease of the brain is one of them by washing hands before eating, this is done to kill germs and bacteria on the hands. Another prevention is immunization HiB or neumokokus, avoid sharing food with patients with inflammation of the brain, and also avoid direct contact with someone who is sick.

Maintain stamina also needs to be done is to consume nutritious foods and exercise. Eat nutritious foods such as keeping the intake of nutrients that enter the body from carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, calcium, and vitamins.

In addition exercise can also improve the metabolism in the body so that the immune system will increase. Good immune can fight the disease that can enter the body through any intermediaries. By always alert and healthy lifestyles and hopefully we will be spared from inflammation of the brain.

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