Celery Reportedly Has Many Benefits For Health

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Otherwise known Celery Apium Grafeolens scientific name is an herb that has a height of about 25-100 cm. Celery sticks sided and grooved longitudinally, with flowers numerous, small, and white or greenish white.
Plants are known sledri in East Java can be divided into 3 parts of celery leaf, celery pieces (stalk) and bulbous celery. Fleshy and juicy stalks can be eaten raw as fresh vegetables, while the leaves can be used as a flavoring soups. Besides its use as a food ingredient and natural flavorings, celery is also used to treat various diseases.

As reported page, celery has a lot of vitamins A, C and B1. In addition, celery also contains many minerals such as sodium, chlorine, potassium (potassium), magnesium, protein, calcium, salt pspat, apigenin asparagine, choline, saponins, essential oils, sedative compound (phathalide) and fiber. Because of various nutritional contributions to this body, celery has great benefits for health.

High levels of sodium in celery is very useful to maintain the vitality of the body. Therefore, celery has always been used as a traditional medicine to reduce the heat in children by means of pounded and massaged into the forehead.

In addition to lowering the heat, celery is also useful for treating many other diseases such as hypertension, eye pain, rheumatism, anemia, and even stroke.

In addition, celery juice of celery large-leaved known to help prevent breast cancer, kidney failure, lower uric acid levels in the blood, reducing the pain in joints due to gout, normalizes blood sugar, maintain a healthy heart and bones, as well as cope with a urinary tract infection ,

Well, with a myriad of health benefits is owned celery you certainly do not need to hesitate anymore to eat celery yes. To get the health benefits of celery, you can eat them raw, either by direct consumption as well as in the juice. Good luck!

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