Easy You Sick? Let this Healthy Food Consumption

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Men and women are born with different personalities, not only the men and women also have different immune. Some health experts have said if the immune system is much more Heigh women than men, but some other health experts have also said that if women have some degree of risk that the disease is much higher than men. This means that not all or not always women who have a good immune system even better than men. Well, for you who have a low immune system is quiet, there are still ways which can help you to fix it.
Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are two good ways to boost your immune system so as not easy to get sick. But, there is one thing you must not forget that eating healthy food. The food is certainly very important for your health, especially now that the weather is increasingly unclear. Well, what are healthy foods that can make you not easy to get sick? Here are 7 of them.

Sweet potato
The food is certainly not a difficult one we have encountered. Sweet potatoes are one type of food that is highly recommended by health experts. Because the content of antioxidants in sweet potato has many health benefits of the body and of course improve your immune system. Besides being able to cope with the adverse effects of free radicals, yams also help to reduce the risk of cancer and slows aging.

Watermelon Fruit
Fruit that has a sweet taste is also a good food for your consumption. In addition to refreshing watermelon also contain the antioxidant glutathione which is very good for improving your immune system.

These vegetables are very attached to one of the cartoon character, and it is true spinach has extra benefits to the body. Nutritional content and also the content of folat very useful as a food that can repair DNA and increase the production of new cells.

Just as spinach, cabbage or cabbage can be a very healthy food for consumption. The content of sulfur and vitamin C is very good for the toxins that cause arthritis, skin diseases, gout and diseases arthtiris.

For some reason some people may be reluctant to consume garlic. Make no mistake, it's garlic has many health benefits. Very powerful antioxidants to boost your body's immune system so that not easy to get sick.

Low Fat Yoghurt
Yogurt is one of the healthy foods, especially low-fat yoghurt. The content of vitamin D in yogurt proved excellent for improving overall health of your body.

Food has become a fitting choice at leisure. Because the content of vitamin E, B, niacin and riboflavin contained therein greatly help you boost your immune system. Not only that, the content is helpful for coping with stress and any adverse effects due to stress you feel.

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