Turns Beans Have Surprising Benefits for Body

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To support the health of the body, many health experts who suggest that begin to live a healthy lifestyle, such as exercise and pay attention to the food consumed. The reason was clear as to the health of the body, we must ensure adequate intake of nutrients and vitamins that fit. Well, according to new research from health experts, healthy vegetables that are beneficial to eat is beans.
Perhaps for this bean only as an ornamental vegetables in particular food menu. But apparently beans not only as a complement, the article beans have many health benefits to the body. What are the benefits of beans to the body? Here's his review.

Preventing Defects in Fetus
In the book how to get pregnant quickly explained that folic acid is very beneficial to the fetus is to prevent defects. Well, the beans are one of the green vegetables are a source of folate, which is certainly very beneficial to the health of the fetus.

Preventing Heart Disease
The content contained in beans turned out to have many benefits, one of which is a flavonoid that are beneficial for preventing heart disease. Because the anti-inflammatory flavonoids that are very useful to prevent blood clots in arteries and veins.

Healthy bones
In addition to flavonoids, beans also contain essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A and vitamin K intake that became important to nourish and prevent damage to the bone like osteoporosis.
Prevent Colon Cancer, Colorectal Cancer and Adenoma

As a deadly disease, cancer would greatly feared. Indeed, there are various types of cancer, but the beans it can prevent some types of them. This was revealed by one of the medical experts who found it shocking in its research. From the research, increase the intake of beans can prevent polyps which is one of the causes of colon cancer. Not only that, chickpeas are also useful to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and adenoma.

Helpful Against Eye Health
Carrot is known as the vegetables that are beneficial to the eyes. However, the latest research results, expert experts also found similar benefits to the beans. Karotenoidnya the content useful to prevent degeneration of the macula which is a cause of decreased function of the eye.

Improve Immune
Bean contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant that has many benefits, one of which is to overcome the free radicals that can trigger the disease and the compound also will naturally boost the immune system.

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