5 Movement Yoga Very Simple To Release Stress

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Previously, there were three yoga poses that can be done to relieve stress. If you are already proficient perform the third movement. Here are some other movements that can also release stress very well, as quoted from the following
1. In Rajakapotasana
This exercise is suitable for you who have a routine sit all day or for hours because it will train flexibility poses the body and stretching your back, hips, and upper body. How, sitting with one leg straight and the other leg bent back as if your legs crossed. Try lasting 5-10 times breath.

2. In Rajakapotasana
This poses more easily than movements At Rajakapotasana, because you live relax the body by way of his stomach. Combine this movement with the first movement to train posture and blood circulation. Repeat up to 10 times the breath.

3. Gomukhasana
This movement does need a bit of effort, because not everyone can cross their legs perfectly as desired pose in Gomukhasana. However, this poses can make better posture as well as train the body flexibility. The trick, cross your legs when sitting upright, then folding his hands in his back until he could touch.

4. Prasarita Padottanasana
This pose is also arguably tricky. How, Sit with both legs and lower body to reach the floor. Both hands grabbed both sides of the legs. This exercise is very good stretch tired muscles.

5. Badhakonasana
This poses quite simple and could be the cover of your workout. How, sitting up straight with both legs crossed, but with both feet touching each other. Arrange the breath to relax.

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