2 Key Points To Lose Weight Without Strict Diet

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Trying to diet but to no avail, and often end up disappointed? Maybe not the way her diet is wrong, maybe you just were not disciplined with a good diet.
2 Key Points To Lose Weight Without Strict Diet
It is also the reason why women difficult to lose weight, because they can not stick with the rules set for the diet. If you can not follow an extreme way of eating to lose weight quickly dropped, then maybe you do not need to do so.

You only need two things to hold and followed properly if you want to lose weight. As reported by the, following two main key to weight loss by itself without having to undergo a strict diet.

Lower every 10% weight for several months
Lose weight 10% of your initial body weight and maintain that weight for 3 months thereafter. This will help your body adjust to your new weight without disturbing the metabolism.

How to do a healthy weight loss is slowly changing eating and exercise behavior. Then go on to maintain the weight loss over several months, and a new lower it again.

Ideal weight
Many people still often erroneously calculate the ideal weight they should have and how they should dispose kilograms. It will only make you stressed and do not love yourself.

Bottom line, do not pegged to the figures. You have to see whether your body is healthy or not. Focusing only on a healthy lifestyle, such as eating habits with ample portions, at least 30 minutes of exercise and adequate rest each day.

You will see for yourself the difference after familiarize themselves with a healthy lifestyle, by itself, the weight will adjust and down by itself. The body also firmer and solid not sagged.

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