5 Food Anti-Cancer Diet Should You Sign

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No one wants to get cancer. A disease that spreads very quickly and become life-threatening is indeed a threat to everyone. However, cancer can be prevented started early with a healthy lifestyle habit, one of them through food.
5 Food Anti-Cancer Diet Should You Sign
Reporting from, there are some foods that can prevent cancer diseases that can be consumed so that the body can not develop the potential growth of cancer cells. This she foods are anti-cancer. Want to stay healthy body free of cancer? Do not forget to include foods above in your diet every day yes.

Garlic is rich in antioxidants and anti-cancer can be consumed daily in food as a spice in cooking. But garlic is best nutrients in a raw state. Korean people used to eat raw garlic mixed with vegetable salad, this way it will not taste bitter taste of garlic. You also can eat it raw.

You could easily get food with soy ingredients, such as tempeh, tofu, and soya. You can also eat a kind of boiled edamame soy and green soybeans. Not only rich in protein, but soybeans also has a compound antidote to cancer or anti-carcinogenic. It could even prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Carrots have a lot of carotenoids or beta carotene which is not only good for the eyes, but also protect against cancer. You can eat them in a way juiced, made soup, or eaten directly.

Still brother with broccoli, cabbage is proved to have the ability to ward off cancer very well because it is anti-inflammatory. Cabbage nutrient content will be very good to detox the body of toxins that accumulate.

Cabbage is white and there are red, both are equally well prevent cancer. White-green vegetables are rich in components indole-3-carbinol, which can resist the onset of estrogen that could potentially develop breast cancer cells.

So, want to cook today? To include vegetables in the above ya so you avoid cancer.

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