5 Ingredients That Has Benefits For Your Health

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Groceries around us, or maybe always in the fridge at home turned out to have a secret of health for the body. Here is the secret of health of the five foodstuffs as quoted from
5 Ingredients That Has Benefits For Your Health
Vinegar in some cases, can be used as a cure for minor burns. Apply vinegar on the burn, repeat until cured.

Tea bags 
The caffeine in tea can reduce pain and inflammation. If you wake up with puffy eyes, you can compress with tea bags.

Olive oil
If your skin is cracked, you can overcome them by applying olive oil on chapped skin. High content of vitamin E in olive oil, good for the health of your skin.

If you experience constipation, eat papaya. Papain in papaya enzyme good for your digestive health, and help you to reduce constipation.

Cherries can help you to reduce the pain of gout. Anti-inflammatory properties of the cherry is what can reduce pain.

Groceries above does have a double benefit for you. In addition to regular consumption, it also can be used as a medicine and first aid. but remember to still consult your doctor about the disease. Hope it is useful.

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