Biography of Chelsea Elizabeth Islan

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  • Full Name: Chelsea Elizabeth Islan
  • Date of Birth: June 2, 1995
  • Place of Birth: Washington DC, USA
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Brother: Arindra Budianto
  • Parents: Indra Budianto (father), Samantha Barbara (mother)
  • Citizenship: Indonesia
Chelsea Islan born on June 2, 1995 in Washington DC, USA. He has the full name of Chelsea Elizabeth Islan, but more familiarly called by the name of Chelsea Islan. It was born from the couple Indra Budianto, and Samantha Barbara. He was born as the first child of two brothers, Arindra Budianto a second child.

Chelsea Islan began his career in the entertainment world as a model. The first time she became a model in a video clip recording band Noah, when he became a model in the video clip titled No Longer the Same. After becoming a model in the video clip Chelsea Icelandic name began to be known in Indonesian society.
Chelsea Elizabeth Islan
Thanks to a pretty good appearance as a model in the video clip made ​​himself offered to train in a production house. Chelsea Islan own foundation in acting through the theater stage, he did not trouble to show acting talent that he has.

In 2013, for the first time he played in a movie called Refrain, directed by Dawn Nugros. In the film she plays together Afgansyah Reza, and maudy ayunda. Chelsea Islan role as Annalise. Although in the film Chelsea just got a role as a supporting actor, but his role as Annalise, was capable of absorbing the entire community of the country, which makes him even got the attention of several production houses in the country.

In 2014, Chelsea Icelandic returned to play in the film Street Society. This film is an action movie genre Indonesian automotive distributed by Ewis Pictures and directed by Awi Suryadi with Marcel Chandrawinata. In this film Chelsea Islan role as Karina, a beautiful and talented DJ.

In the same year in addition to playing in the movie Street Society, she also played in the film Merry Riana: Million Dollar Dream. The film, directed by Hestu Saputra. The film is played by Dion Wiyoko, Chelsea Icelandic, Kimberly Ryder, and Ferry Salim. In this film Chelsea Islan role as Merry Riana.

Not only play in the film, also plays for Chelsea Icelandic TV series Neighbors period Gitu? Is a sitcom featuring everyday life 2 couples. The couple lived in a complex and coexistence. In this series, he played as a star, a beautiful lady wife of Bastian. In the series Star is an online store site manager, but Star has a weakness, which is less good at cooking.

By 2015, Icelandic Chelsea play in four different movies, among others: Behind 98, Guru Nation: Tjokroaminoto, You..Love Love You Not, Three Heroine. 3 The film has already been released, while for the film Three Heroine is still coming soon. He serves as Diana in the film Behind 98, serves as Stella in the film Guru Nation: Tjokroaminoto, and serves as Amira You..Love in the film Love You Not.

  • Refrain role as Annalise (2013)
  • Street Society acts as Karina (2014)
  • Merry Riana: Million Dollar Dream role as Merry Riana (2014)
  • Behind 98 acts as Diana (2015)
  • Guru Nation: Tjokroaminoto role as Stella (2015)
  • You..Love Love You Not role as Amira (2015)

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